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Ready, Set, Learn: How to Use Pronto in Italian Conversation

pronto in italian

Do you know the excitement that makes your heart pound in the minutes leading up to the starting bell?

The anticipation that brings you to attention as you wait for the signal to go?

The way it feels to know …

The 53 Most Common Words in Italian Every Beginner Should Know

most common words in italian

Thanks to AI technology, machines can now learn any language on earth.

By examining texts from various languages, computers can develop algorithms to immediately translate phrases from one language to another.

It would be nice if learning Italian were that …

Groceries and Gifts: A Complete Guide to Shopping in Italian

shopping in italian

It’s hard to roam an Italian city without being lured into one of the charming shops that line its streets.

From mouthwatering displays at bakeries to clothing stores that showcase high-end Italian fashion, there’s a type of store that fits …

If You Know, You Know: How to Master Conoscere vs. Sapere in Italian

conoscere vs sapere

Did you know there are two ways to say “to know” in Italian?

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

In Italian, conoscere (to know) and sapere (to know) are both used quite commonly. You’ll find them in what you read and …

Clothes in Italian: Everything You Need to Know to Shop Until You Drop!

clothes in italian

Are you considering traveling to that fine Italian Boot sometime soon?

Are you thinking that maybe it’s about time that you make that dream shopping trip to Italy come true?

As you know, Italy is home to one of the …

Bravo! Brava! How to Say Congratulations in Italian with 12 Key Phrases

congratulations in italian

You’re enjoying a delicious pranzo (lunch) with your friend when you suddenly notice a shiny ring on her finger.

She smiles at you and announces, “Mi sono fidanzata!” (“I got engaged!”)

You’re thrilled to hear the news and want to …

How to Talk Cool in Italian Like a Cool Cat

cool in italian

How cool is that car!

My parents are cool with that.

Is everything cool here?

She’s so cool.

Cool it, bro!

Depending on its use, the word cool can mean awesome, fine, okay, cold, chill or fashionable.

Context is key