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Let’s Talk! 5 Steps to Conversational Italian and Suave Speaking Skills


Ricorda perché hai iniziato a studiare l’italiano. (Remember why you started to study Italian.)

There are so many wonderful reasons to study Italian.

Travel? Assolutamente! (Absolutely!)

Personal growth? Certamente! (Certainly!)

Love? Un movtivo perfetto! (A perfect reason!)…

Italian Dialects: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know (and Then Some)


It’s fine if you alight in Naples and can order a pizza in flawless Italian.

But to really impress your friends, you’ll need to order a real local specialty like the octopus in broth, and you’ll have to do it …

6 Interactive Ways to Learn Italian for Beginners Online in Your Free Time


It feels like you have no free time—until you realize you’ve spent three straight hours on your smartphone.

You were scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but you could’ve been learning Italian.

So, shouldn’t you peel your face off …

Learn Basic Italian in 3 Steps and Uncover the Building Blocks of Italian Mastery


You might be thinking: Where do I even start?

If you were thinking that because you want to learn Italian, we’re here to help.

If you’re not thinking that, that’s fine, too—but why not stick around and learn something …