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The No-fear Guide to Italian Reading for Beginners: 5 Free, Accessible Resources


Just dive in!

That’s what they always say when the water’s cold.

If you try to wade in slowly, you’re sure to shiver in the shallow end all day while your friends have fun.

You’ve got to brace yourself and …

Andiamo! 3 Essential Building Blocks for Learning Basic Italian


You might be thinking: Where do I even start?

If you were thinking that because you want to learn Italian, we’re here to help.

If you’re not thinking that, that’s fine, too—but why not stick around and learn something …

Score Points and Get Fluent with These Fun Italian Online Games


There’s a little bit of gamer in everyone nowadays.

The internet is full of fun games to be played, more than anyone can keep track of.

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon buried in an online quest, you know that …

5 Vocabulary Learning Tools for Italian Beyond Flashcards


It’s a lie we’ve all heard countless times.

But most of us never stop to think how crazy it is.

You’ve seen it while shopping.

You look at the tag on a coat or hat or slipper and there it …

5 Fun, Festive Italian Christmas Movies from Across the Decades


Whoa. Look at that.

The twinkly lights are up and the red coffee cups are everywhere.

It’s December already—and you know what that means.

Time for a looping lineup of Christmas music and classic holiday movies to get in the …

Something to Talk About: 7 Popular YouTube Channels to Teach You How to Speak Italian


It’s not very often you get to mix study and play.

But YouTube is different.

And while we would typically advise you to keep these activities separate, we invite you to take full advantage of the recreational and educational possibilities …

5 Awesome Tips to Keep You at the Top of Your Italian Learning Game


Traditional study is important when it comes to learning Italian, but there’s so much more to studying a language than that.

It’s pretty impractical to break out a textbook when talking to native speakers.

So (for now) put away those …