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How to Say Hello in Italian: 7+ Phrases (and 1 Custom) for Greeting Anyone


Chi male comincia, peggio finisce. (A bad beginning makes a bad ending.)

As this Italian proverb indicates, beginningslike greetingsare very important.

Properly greeting someone might even be considered a fine art.

For instance, when you …

Italiano in Rete: The 15 Best Online Italian Courses in 2020


Learning Italian is easier than ever in rete (online).

In fact, you can now become fluent in Italian without even stepping foot in Italy.

While I strongly recommend a visit to reinforce your skills and reward yourself for a …

18 Great Italian Podcasts of 2020 Every Italian Learner Should Listen To

italian podcasts

Yes, it’s possible to make a morning commute through Iowa sound like a drive to work in Florence.

Just swap out your silly American radio station for an equally ridiculous Italian drive-time radio podcast.

You can easily make learning