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12 Italian Jokes That Are Sure to Tickle Your Funny Bone and Improve Your Italian-speaking Skills

italian jokes

Cos’è rosso e si muove su e giù? (What’s red and moves up and down?)

Un pomodoro in un ascensore! (A tomato in an elevator!)

You’re giggling, aren’t you?

That’s good because if you’re thinking of spending any time in

Italian Grammar in a Pistachio Nutshell: How to Crack It

Italian grammar


There, I said it!

In any language, the word makes some people squeamish.

It can even evoke a feeling of frustration similar to trying to open a pistachio nut that has not been fully fleshed out.

By the way, …

Wise Up! 20 Inspirational Italian Proverbs About Life, Love and Friendship


The snow-laden beauty of the Italian Alps.

The warm, cheesy texture of pizza in Naples.

The smooth, glossy marble of the statues in Rome.

Italy is one of those glorious countries that has tons of character. It’s …

Essential to You: 6 Italian Vocabulary Resources to Successfully Learn the Right Words for You

Italian vocabulary

There’s a huge misconception that in order to speak and understand Italian (or any language) you must know a ton of vocabulary.

This is wrong!

Native speakers—of any language—across the globe know and use approximately 15,000 to 20,000 word families

Wondering How to Make Nouns Plural in Italian? Look No Further!


How do you turn one duckling into many? You might not like the answer:


There, I said it.

Did you shudder?

Many language learners do exactly that when they hear this word.

Until they learn that grammar is much …

How to Speak Italian Like You Were Born in Rome: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Boost Your Conversational Skills


Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Write a novel.

Play the piano.

And learn to speak Italian.

Learning to speak Italian is on a ton of bucket lists.

Everyone dreams of chatting like a true Roman.

They want to order pasta, watch …

Stop Dreaming! Learn Italian with the Best Methods, Apps, Resources and Tips

learn italian

 “Se puoi sognarlo puoi farlo.” (“If you can dream it, you can do it.”)—Walt Disney

Do you dream of speaking Italian?

Maybe you picture yourself chatting effortlessly in fluent Italian—in Italy, perhaps—about your favorite Laura Pausini song. Or maybe …