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Over 30 Italian Learning Tools from Modern Tech to Old-school Decks


Every job has its tools.

You wouldn’t go on a trip without the correct gear or try your hand at painting without buying some brushes and paints.

It makes sense to assemble the resources you’ll need for any undertaking in …

Italian Audiobooks for All: 5 Awesome Audio Resources for Learners

italian audio books

“Colors fade, temples crumble, empires fall but wise words endure.” — Edward Thorndike

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.

While that’s a perfectly fine point of view, many of us believe that the words themselves

Study from Home: 6 Online Italian Courses for College Credit


“Ask for help, and early and often… Don’t do this in isolation. College wasn’t meant to be alone.” — Michelle Obama

For many, Italian is an essential college course.

You might need to learn Italian for the credits or to …

Let’s Eat! How to Order Food in Italian and Feast Like a Roman

how to order food in italian

Martin Scorsese once said: “If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?”

But not everyone has an Italian mother—so not every table is laden with delicious, home-cooked Italian food.

And while cooking can, of …

How to Say “I Love You” in Italian to Your Special Little Meatball


“Anche in paradiso non è bello essere soli.” (“Even in paradise it’s not good to be alone.”)

This quaint proverb is actually the Italian view on love. And to most Italians—and certainly many visitors—Italy is a paradise on earth.…

Learn Italian Words with 8 Free Apps Perfect for On-the-go Word Acquisition


Let’s face it: We live in expensive times.

Just grabbing a morning cup of coffee on the way to work can set you back.

And there’s a reason so many of us brown bag our lunch a few days a …

Crash into Fluency with 11 Italian Crash Courses


“You can’t take a crash course in serenity.” — Shirley Maclaine

It seems unlikely that anyone would easily crash into a zen-like state.

But you can certainly crash into Italian!

And that little fact—that it’s possible to speed-learn Italian—is sure …