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Feelings for Bygone Times? Meet the Italian Past Subjunctive


When I think back on travels through Italy, I’m bound to remember feelings.

Mouthwatering desire for a piece of cheese, wistful affection for a Neapolitan, excruciating misery at the train station, drunk…

And when I want to discuss my feelings …

The Infamous Italian Subjunctive: A User’s Manual


Feeling overwhelmed by the Italian subjunctive?

This bit of grammar, known as il congiuntivo, is used to talk about hopes, fears, doubts and other unreal vagaries.

To make matters even more nebulous, it’s quite a fraught subject—even for Italians!…

The Lovely Imperfect: A Surprisingly Friendly Italian Tense


Want to describe a hazy past state of things?

Your go-to Italian tense for those foggy background scenes is the imperfect, or imperfetto.

And no, it’s not just for being conveniently vague about exactly when something took place.…

(You Will) Master the Italian Future Tenses with This Guide!


The future may be brighter than you realize.

By the time you’ve gotten to an upper-level beginner or intermediate level in Italian, you’ve suffered a lot of grammatical trauma.

You’ve likely had run-ins with the present tense and its many

Keep Your Cool with These Hip Italian Internet Slang Words and Phrases


Maybe you already speak flawless Italian.

Maybe you could read (and write!) great books or hold court for hours in the café on an Italian train.

Or maybe you’re just starting out on your Italian learning adventure.

Either way, …

Haunted by the Many Italian Past Tenses? Here’s an Overview


The past can be scary.

But at least it’s over.

You can now make silly conversation about it.

To compound the fraught fun, you could talk about the past in Italian.

The Italian past is generally a mind-boggling gallery …

If You Vow to Learn About Italian Wedding Customs, Phrases and Vocab, Say “I Do”


Got an invite to an Italian wedding?

Or have you done the truly impossible and managed to snag an Italian lover to marry yourself?

Do you just love learning about Italian language, culture and traditions?

Whatever the motivation, it’s a …