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(You Will) Master the Italian Future Tenses with This Guide!


The future may be brighter than you realize.

By the time you’ve gotten to an upper-level beginner or intermediate level in Italian, you’ve suffered a lot of grammatical trauma.

You’ve likely had run-ins with the present tense and its many

The Extended Hits List: 17 Fabulously Fun Movies for Italian Learners

Nuovo_Cinema_Paradiso_(film) (1)

Italian cinema is so fêted that it may well be one of the reasons why you chose to learn Italian in the first place.

Its films have taken home more Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film than those of …

18 Great Italian Podcasts of 2020 Every Italian Learner Should Listen To

italian podcasts

Yes, it’s possible to make a morning commute through Iowa sound like a drive to work in Florence.

Just swap out your silly American radio station for an equally ridiculous Italian drive-time radio podcast.

You can easily make learning