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Ready for Your Study Abroad Adventure in Italy? 8 Pro Tips


What are you dreaming of for your study abroad trip to Italy?

Invigorating lectures on art history punctuated by conversation over well-made espresso shots with your fellow students?

Delicious food and wine?

A bit of romance with a striking

40+ Italian Food Vocabulary to Learn for an Authentic Cooking Experience


Run a search for “seafood pasta recipe” and you’ll get some 258 million results, at last check.

Those are obviously all terrible.

No credible pasta chef would blog their recipe in English!

Whittle those down by running a search in …

Italian Dialects: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know (and Then Some)


It’s fine if you alight in Naples and can order a pizza in flawless Italian.

But to really impress your friends, you’ll need to order a real local specialty like the octopus in broth, and you’ll have to do it …

How to Use Italian Conjunctions to Link Thoughts and Ideas


When you first parachuted into the battlefield of Italian, you weren’t much concerned with conjunctions and other connectives.

It was likely enough to sputter out basic Italian phrases like “Dov’è il mio treno?” (“Where is my train?”) and “Il

It’s All Relative: Italian Relative Pronouns That Will Awaken Your Italian Muse


When you set out on this learning adventure, you weren’t exactly pining for the day that you’d take on Italian relative pronouns.

Maybe you dreamed that you’d be snuggled in a Neapolitan hammock in the arms of your lover—let’s call …

The Daydreamer’s Guide to Italian: Imagine What Could Be with the Present Conditional


When you start out in Italian, you generally stick to talking about things as they are.

The Neapolitan tap water is magical, this cheese is delicious, your mother talks all day about her tomatoes.

When you make sentences …

Fab Phrases and Smart Strategies for Fluent Italian Train Travel


There’s nothing like the surge of scenery as you roll through mountains on a fast train from Zurich to Milan.

Or the thrilling chaos of alighting at Rome Termini.

Or the quaint fun of a local train in Puglia.…