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Road Map to Success: 12 Italian Textbooks for Learners of Any Level

italian textbooks

Do you ever wish the road map for learning Italian was a little clearer?

It can be hard to choose the right option among the winding paths.

Should you start with vocabulary or basic grammatical structures?

Should you …

6 Easy Italian Short Stories for Beginners: Online, Audio and Book Options


It’s the biggest conundrum of language learning:

How can you become an amazing Italian speaker when you’re short on time?

It’s easy: easy Italian short stories, that is.

Let’s face it: We all have limited free time.

Even …

6 Italian Software Immersion Programs to Bring Italy to Your Home


Imagine studying Italian in Italy.

You’d wake up in the morning and wander to the nearest piazza (town square) for fresh espresso and biscotti (hard cookies).

Maybe today’s your day off from your Italian language studies, so you’re …

Full Throttle: Top 6 Resources to Learn Italian While Driving at Any Skill Level


Are you ready to tackle Italian full throttle?

Could the phrase fast and furious be applied to your Italian?

(Of course, we only mean this in the figurative sense. Please drive safely!)

Why am I using car references in …

Learn Italian with Audio: 14 Places to Find Amazing Audio Lessons


Learning to speak a new language can sometimes feel like trying to have a conversation underwater.

You can catch a word here and there. You can see facial expressions and hand gestures.

But it’s difficult to understand a full …

Va’ a Scuola: The 23 Best Online Italian Language Courses for 2020


Is your phone stocked with Italian learning apps?


Have you scoured the internet for Italian education websites?


Are you signed up for a quality Italian language course to solidify your skills?

Wait a minute…

If you …

Italiano in Rete: The 15 Best Online Italian Courses in 2020


Learning Italian is easier than ever in rete (online).

In fact, you can now become fluent in Italian without even stepping foot in Italy.

While I strongly recommend a visit to reinforce your skills and reward yourself for a …