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Italian Auxiliary Verbs for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know


When you first hear the term “auxiliary verb” you might think “whoa, that sounds complicated!”

But fear not, because they’re actually super simple to use.

And, odds are, you already know what the Italian auxiliary verbs are. You just don’t …

How to Use Italian Superlatives to Bring Out Your Best (and Worst)

italian superlatives

Italy is a country of superlatives.

It’s known for landscapes that are bellissimi (the most beautiful).

The coffee’s il più buono del mondo (the best in the whole world) and a dress you don’t like isn’t just unappealing, it’s brutissimo

Know Adverbs in English? Then You Can Master Italian Adverbs Today


Don’t just say what happened.

Kick up the drama. Add some flair. Get people interested.

Use adverbs to tell people how it happened.

Adverbs let you explain how frantically the bicycle thief fled the scene. Or how ardently the the …

Summer in the (Italian) City: 5 Incredible Summer Courses You Can Take Throughout Italy


Summer means longer days and more time to do the things you love.

Like learning Italian!

And if you want to improve your Italian before beach-weather ends, going to Italy and learning it from native speakers is one of the …

The 5 Best Classic Italian Movies Language Learners Can Find Online


The glamor, the drama, the passion.

There’s nothing like a classic Italian film to grab you by the heart.

You used to have to find a video store with a good foreign language section or an art cinema with …

Your Guide to Being Guided in Italy: Directions in Italian


The Ancient Romans were known as great road builders.

That’s why “all roads lead to Rome.”

But how do you find your way around Rome once you’ve arrived?

In Italy, street names aren’t as prominently posted as they are …

14 Italian False Friends That Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


Hey, English-speaking Italian learners.

You’ve got it made in the shade.

Italian is a very easy language for English speakers to learn!

That’s because the two languages share a lot of similarities in vocabulary.

But not all words that …