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Where to Stream the 8 Best Italian Short Films with English Subtitles for Language Learners


Imagine going to a party and speaking like Fred Astaire or Jackie O.

If it wasn’t a Halloween party, you’d probably get carted away pretty quickly.

So why would you focus your Italian learning on films made decades ago?

Any …

Simple Rules for Italian Adverbs of Frequency That You’ll Never Forget


Mai dire mai…

Never say never…

Especially when it comes to learning Italian adverbs of frequency.

I mean, without adverbs of frequency, you literally can’t ever say “never.”

If you hadn’t already guessed, “never” is an adverb of frequency, …

Let’s Get Italian-y: 15 Italian Suffixes to Double Your Vocab Power


There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Or, at least, that’s what they say.

Lucky for me, I’m more partial to dinner, and there’s a bar down the street that does two-for-one burgers every Wednesday night.

Consider yourself hacked, …

Ascolta! 15+ Italian Exclamations to Sound More Like a Native


There’s nothing worse than reaching that one level in a video game that you just can’t get past.

Maybe you didn’t master the triple jump or you forgot some crucial item.

Regardless of what happened, the game usually ends with …

5 Best Language Schools to Study Italian in Florence and Sculpt Your Language Skills


Michelangelo was pretty much the Michael Jordan of his time.

Both were the best that had ever been, both were superstars of their day and both could dunk from the free-throw line. Well, maybe Michelangelo couldn’t do that last one, …

Hack Italian Fluency with 15 All-purpose Basic Verbs


Some verbs have superpowers.

There are super-stretchy ones that can bend and adapt to many different situations.

There are super-strong ones that can hold up entire grammatical tenses.

There are even verbs that can transport you straight to the delicious,

6 Interactive Ways to Learn Italian for Beginners Online in Your Free Time


It feels like you have no free time—until you realize you’ve spent three straight hours on your smartphone.

You were scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but you could’ve been learning Italian.

So, shouldn’t you peel your face off …