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Essential Italian Restaurant Vocabulary to Feast Like a Local


If there is anything in Italy that rivals its beauty, it is the food.

When you visit Italy, going to a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the first things you will do!

Maybe you are keeping to the …

A Gift from Babbo Natale: 7 Classic Italian Christmas Songs


Ever gone Christmas caroling?

If so, did you know that you’re part of a historic Italian holiday tradition?

That’s right. Christmas carols are actually said to have originated in Italy!

The earliest Christmas hymns that records show come …

7 Binge-worthy YouTube Playlists for Any Italian Learner


Remember when playlists were the in thing?

They were like mixtapes for millennials.

You’d make playlists of your favorite music for your friends and your crush.

You’d make playlists for every conceivable situation—cooking, hanging out, driving, driving in the rain …

Get Perfect Pronunciation with These 10 Beautiful Italian Words


Every language has its beautiful words, but Italian takes the cannoli.

Listening to someone speaking Italian is like listening to a song. It’s a language of love, emotion and passion.

No surprise, right? Italians know beauty—Italian art, architecture, landscapes

4 Easy Ways to Jump In to Italian Immersion Online


Practicing Italian is your favorite part of the week, right?

You love the challenge of conjugation, you love learning how to have conversations with friends and family and you certainly love rollin’ them rrrrrr’s!

But there’s only so much …

Learn Italian with These 6 Dubbed Children’s Movies


You’re rocking your grammar skills.

Your vocabulary practice is through the roof.

But short of catching a flight and dropping yourself in the center of an Italian town, how are you going to hear Italian used in the

Input Magic: 6 Amazing Resources for Easy Italian Short Stories


Do you remember learning to read as a child?

Your handle on the English language wasn’t very strong, so the material needed to be simple.

You weren’t busting out the Dickens novels just yet!

If you’re looking to learn a