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Introducing the FluentU iPad App

The wait is over!

After months of development, we’ve finally released our iPad app.

It brings the best of FluentU – learning languages with real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and more – to the iPad.

And the initial reviews are in:

“After spending 15 minutes using this modified version for the iPad, I am so impressed that I think I may resubscribe to my FluentU account again. It is so sleek, smooth and operational that the potential of this app is revealed to be one of great magnitude. Congratulations on the new and improved FluentU! You should be very proud of your product. “

“The iPad app on an iPad is awesome thus far. It is easier then the iPhone app on an iPad. The iPad version of this app has helped me be more motivated to work on learning Japanese, just to learn a second language. I like this app, I have been able to learn more of a language this way. I had to take a second language in high school, but it was hard for me to learn and remember the way it was thought. With this app being always with me on my iPad I’m able to reference the words as I go through both audio and visually.
Thank you Fluent U for the iPad app.”

“Your team has done a fantastic job, we’ll done! Very easy to use and find topics, video etc. I’m looking forward to using the iPad app.”

“Love how easy it is to use. The learning feature is very effective.”

So what are you waiting for? See for yourself!

Download the iPad app!

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