Independent Language Learning: The Freer Way to Fluency


Independent language learning.

Sounds like some new movement of which you might be skeptical.

Something cool and exclusive.

And possibly weird.

Something news publications are claiming is the latest “millennial” trend.

When in fact, it’s just a flexible, …

Language Audiobook Jackpot! 5 Sound Sources for Learners


Way back before the advent of television…

…imaginations were sparked by stories told through nothing but the human voice and simple sound effects.

Listeners imitated the iconic performances, from the demanding lilt of Mrs. Aldrich to the maniacal cackle of

Study Soulmates! The Best Language Learning App(s) for You


Finding your soulmate is a challenge that can take a lifetime.

Sometimes, someone seems great on the surface, but some unknown factor just doesn’t click.

You might try adjusting yourself to make things work.

You can change your hair. You …

Looking for Foreign Language Subtitles? Never Run Out with These 6 Sites


Life can be confusing.

Sometimes you can’t guess what’ll happen next.

Sometimes you can’t understand what you just saw.

Sometimes you don’t even know what’s happening at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some explanation would just pop up in …

Kablammy! Boost Your Foreign Language Learning with Comics


Wonder Woman. Mighty Mouse. Superman. The Hulk.

We all know the names. We all love the heroes.

And most of us spent hours lost between the pages of these comics—and so many others—when we were kids.

But let’s be honest.…

Google Secrets: How to Learn a Language Using Google

google language learning

On the journey to fluency, you might think of Google as a road.

You use it to get to important places—like language courses or study materials.

You might not realize that Google is a language learning destination itself.

But …

Learn and Get Credit! 8 Online Foreign Language Course Resources for High School Credit


High school.

It’s when you realize who you are, chart the course for your future and finally give up on your dream of becoming the world’s first kid astronaut.

Plus, you study… a lot.

And there aren’t many courses that

6 Language Apps That Use Speech Recognition for Well-rounded Learning


It’s one of the biggest obstacles for language learners.

I’ve got all the right books… tons of vocabulary flashcards… I’m signed up for an awesome online course

But I can’t find anyone to actually speak with!

If you’re learning …

The On-trend Polyglot’s Guide to 7 of the Most Studied Languages


You loved that band before they hit it big.

You were a regular at that bar before the hipsters found it.

Yeah, yeah.

It’s great to be ahead of the curve.

But sometimes going mainstream is underrated.

Take language learning.

Got an Alexa? You’ve Got a Polyglot Tutor That Can Teach You a Language


Many of us have someone special living in our homes.

Not exactly family, but…

We ask her questions and give her basic commands, so she certainly seems real, doesn’t she?

You know who I mean.

Maybe she lives at your …