9 German Stereotypes That Are Straight Up True

beer garden

Stereotypes exist about every country in the world.

We tend to shy away from generalizations.

But not all stereotypes are bad – they may even be true, defining characteristics of culture and lifestyle.

Quick, True or False: The national pastime …

A Simple Introduction to German Nominative and Accusative Cases


Can you find the difference between the two bolded words in the following sentences?

The boy plays with his dog joyfully.”

“The dog sloppily licks the boy all over his face.”

I’ll give you a hint—it’s not the capitalization!…

134 Super Useful and Common German Travel Phrases, Expressions and Vocabulary Words

german travel phrases

Planning your big trip to Germany is so exciting—but you’re not done until you’ve brushed up on common German travel phrases.

I know, I know.

You’ve been daydreaming about skiing in Salzburg…

Or you’ve been mask shopping for …

4 Quick Tips for Mastering German Compound Nouns

german compound nouns



That 67 letter monster, if you can believe it, means the “legislative law for the monitoring of pork-meat labeling.”

Everyone has heard that German is a complicated language, but compound nouns like these take the biscuit. Or the …

9 Awesome German Podcasts to Accelerate Your Language Learning

11 awesome podcasts accelerate german language learning

Just look at that calendar.

Oh, man. You’re definitely a busy person.

How can you possibly find enough time to study German?

German TV shows and movies, as fun as they might be, require your undivided attention. Who has …

18 Weird German Words You Won’t Believe Exist

20 weird german words

The road to German fluency is full of twists and turns.

Thanks to its lifelong love affair with compound nouns, the German language has smashed all manner of words together to form new, unique vocabulary.

It’s no small

15 Great German Children’s Books for Beginners

Learn German with Apps

There’s a huge mistake that new language learners tend to make.

Do you know what that is?

We try to run before we can crawl.

Unreasonably high expectations about language progress lead to unnecessary failure, disappointment, frustration.

They’re a major …