The Big Scoop: Top Resources for Learning German Through the News

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Could following current events in German strengthen your language skills?

Tune in tonight at 6 to learn the shocking truth.

Nah, we won’t make you wait.

The answer is obvious: the news is a fantastic tool for any language learner, …

2 Simple Steps to Always Get German Adjective Endings Right

kid school

German language learners understand, better than anyone, the old expression: “the devil is in the details.”

The devil seems to be alive and well in German adjective endings.

Correct adjective endings seem like small details, but they are critical to

Learn German YouTube-style: 21 Must-watch Channels for German Learning Videos

learn german youtube

Hey, German learner!

Diligently searching the internet for educational German resources?

That’s great.

Now, I want you to give in to the dark side—the one which is begging for you to procrastinate by fooling around on the internet.

This list

Top 20 Places in Germany You’ve Got to Visit


When I say, “Germany,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

Beer? Sausage? Lederhosen?

Yeah, yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say.

Despite being a modern political giant which has undeniably shaped the course of human history, …

7 Must-read German Blogs for German Learners

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Question: how can you learn German without struggling through boring textbooks?

Answer: popular music, movies, podcasts, and blogs.

Blogs are especially good because they’re often thoughtfully written and give you insight on how to learn.

But there’s …

FluentU German Now in Public Beta

fluentu german public beta

We are really excited to share some good news.

The wait is over!

Now anyone can sign up for FluentU German!

If you’ve been waiting for access, you can try it right away.

In case you didn’t know, FluentU German …

7 Problem German Sounds and How to Pronounce Them Perfectly


Stumbling over German sounds?

Tongue-tied when faced with intimidating compound nouns?

Join the club.

German sounds are difficult for English speakers to master.

It can be tough to shake that English accent—which, unfortunately, is unmistakable to Germans. They can …