The Complete Guide to Total German Immersion for Anyone, Anywhere

total immersion german

Do you want to know the secret to learning German fast?

The one-stop approach that has helped millions of people speak fluently and accent free?

That has produced more German speakers than any of the language-teaching methods out there?

I’m …

10 Best Magazines for Learning German

10 best magazines for learning german

Trying to master German by reading textbooks, newspapers and classic German literature?

German is not quite so black and white.

Magazines add a colorful splash to anyone’s language learning experience.

Skeptical about adding magazines to the German reading …

How to Start Learning German with German Dubbed Movies Online

learning german with german dubbed movies

So your German studies are in full blast.

You have mastered German adjective endings.

German compound nouns pose no threat to your composure.

You watch YouTube channels for German students daily.

Even bathroom breaks are used for quick lessons …

The Best German Textbooks: 6 Tried and True Classics


Let’s face it. Learning a language on your own is tough.

How do you know where to begin?

Where can you find learning material?

How can you test yourself?

Where do you get explanations for concepts you don’t understand?

Clearly, …

The 5 Best Dictionary Apps for Learning German

5 best free dictionary apps for learning german

You are incredibly lucky.

Want to know why?

Well, as a German learner living in the internet age, so much is available at your fingertips!

Just think about it: You can follow blogs written specifically for German learners or watch …

How to Learn German Faster: Avoid These Language Poachers

how to learn german faster avoid language poachers

It’s a fair expectation that if you live in Germany, you’ll have ample opportunities to speak German.


Well, if you’re one of the many English speakers trying to learn German in Germany, you’ve already discovered that this may not …

10 Romantic German Phrases to Impress Your Crush


Stereotypes shmereotypes.

We’ve heard it all before: German is a harsh language, German speakers sound angry all of the time and have no sense of humor.

Certainly they could never be romantic.

Well, believe it or not, German people …