Need a Refresh? 9 Ways to Brush Up on German Until It’s Brighter Than Before

brush up on german

“Language is the tool of love and the weapon of hatred.”


That quote, which is totally on point, is from Viennese intellectual and philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

He’s 100% right about language being a tool and a weapon.

The …

11 Awesome German Words You Wish We Had in English

11 oddly specific german words that make other languages jealous

German’s got some unique benefits going for it.

The German language is often parodied for its love of mushing together a bunch of words to create one super-long one.

Take for example Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung.


That words means “automobile liability insurance.”…

4 Abridged Classic German Books That Pack a Lot of Learning Power

4 abridged classic german books that hold concentrated learning power

Learning a new language is boring.

That is, it can be boring — but only if you approach it the wrong way.

Even if you love learning languages with a burning passion, you have to admit that the process

The Ultimate Guide to Der, Die and Das

die der das

Native English speakers don’t know how good they’ve got it.

The word “the” starts looking like the most beautiful, efficient word ever conceived once you start learning a new language—particularly German.

The vast majority of languages associate a gender …

9 Captivating German TV Shows to Electrify Your Language Learning

captivating german television series to electrify your language learning

Right now, your brain correlates German with studying, textbooks and hard work.

It’s time to rewire your brain to think of German as something fun.

You want to kick-start your German skills?

Recharge your batteries and give your brain

How to Stop Letting German Writing Practice Slip Through the Cracks

how to stop letting german writing practice slip through the cracks

Are you attacking German on all its major fronts?

Be honest. How much time do you actively spend writing in German?

The truth doesn’t have to hurt.

Got reading, listening and speaking covered while writing slips through the cracks?

It’s …

10 Tips to Enrich Your German Learning Diet with Reading Practice

balance your german learning diet 10 tips for happy, healthy reading

A great German book is like the meat and potatoes of learning.

Study guides and homework are the vegetables.

Online television shows and internet browsing are probably the delicious junk foods and desserts.

Without the healthy staple foods, you’ll only …