Learn German with Music: 10 Songs with Hidden German Grammar Lessons

learn German with music 10 songs

It’s test time in German class, but your mind is a total blank.

How are you supposed to remember all those convoluted rules in your textbook?

Try a new tactic and learn the lyrics of these awesome songs.

The human …

8 Tips on How to Fail Miserably at Learning German

8 tips fail at learning german

Are you your own worst enemy?

Does it tick you off that language learning comes easy to you?

Does it get on your nerves when you sit down to study German and you have a good grasp on everything?

Do …

Why Learn German? 10 Compelling Reasons

10 powerful reasons learn german

Are German language learners masochistic?

Isn’t there a more comfortable and fun way to pass your time than studying this complex language?

Off the top of my head I’m thinking it would be more enjoyable to, I don’t …

How to Learn German Faster with Mnemonics


“Muhnemon… minimon… muhneemi… M-kneemonics?”

In case you are wondering what that consonant-rich word in the title is, and whether I made it up, the answer is no. It really exists. You can look it up. It’s even on Wikipedia

5 Fresh Reasons to Learn German This Fall

5 reasons learn german fall

Fall is the perfect season to start learning the powerhouse language of Europe.

First and foremost, you’ve got to get yourself ready for Oktoberfest in Munich.

But the value of learning German isn’t just seasonal. 

If you’re headed back to …

The 13 Best Apps for Learning German Like a Boss

best apps for learning german

What sets apart the best apps for learning German?

They don’t just throw words and rules at you and hope you remember them.

They turn German learning into an engaging experience.

Of course, the trick is to find those …

Real German Listening Practice: 6 Video and Audio Tools to Train Your Ears with Authentic German

german listening practice

There’s no point in German listening practice if it doesn’t prepare you for real life.

You need to train your ears to hear common German vocabulary and phrases that native speakers actually use.

You need to work your way towards …