Learn German with Videos: 10 Uber Useful YouTube Clips to Learn How to Speak German

learn german videos

German videos for students go way beyond the dry DVDs made for high school classrooms.

There’s a whole world of funny, fascinating, real-world content on YouTube for you to learn German with videos.

Wait, wait—YouTube? Isn’t that just a site …

The Ultimate Guide to Watching German TV Online

how to hack through geoblocking and watch german tv online

We live in a hyper-connected world.

Combining language learning with entertainment has never been so easy!

With one click, you can immediately immerse yourself in German.

Love aimlessly browsing YouTube videos? Done.

Fancy listening to German podcasts or …

11 Tips to Breaking Through and Finally Becoming Fluent in German

Lots of half-hearted learners drop German faster than they picked it up.

But not you.

Oh no, you’re going the distance with German.

But how to arrive at that elusive end goal of fluency?

Everyone learns differently, but hard work, …

Liven Up Your Listening Practice with Live German Radio Online

liven up your listening practice with live german radio online

Friends, Romans, countrymen, German students, lend me your ears.

With technology, there’s almost no need for you to interact with German speakers face-to-face.

Sounds counter-intuitive to study in isolation, but all the resources you could ever need are at your …

7 Legit Strategies for Newbies Learning How to Read German

7 legit strategies for newbies learning to read german

Reading is undoubtedly an important part of learning German.

Not to mention, there are tons of benefits to cracking the German code.

Being able to read everyday material makes it much easier to get around if you’re visiting Germany.…

Learn German with Song Lyrics: 5 Artists to Get You Started

learn german with song lyrics 5 artists to get you started

Did your high school English teacher dock your grade for listening to music in class?

Well, put those headphones back on, because listening to German music with the song lyrics is totally acceptable!

In fact, we encourage it. Why?

German …

23 German Slang Words Your Textbook Isn’t Teaching You

common german slang

Think about all the English slang you use with friends on a daily basis.

How many of these slang words do you think show up in basic English textbooks?

Well, the German heard on the streets ain’t the stuffy language …