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Dialects and Languages Spoken in Germany: Multiculturalism auf Deutsch

languages spoken in germany

You know how to say “hello” in German.

But do you know how to say it in all the other languages spoken in Germany?

In Turkish, you would say “Merhaba,” Polish speakers use the word “cześć,” the Kurds greet you …

Seize the Day! 10 Brilliant Ways to Improve Your German


Wer rastet, der rostet is a German proverb that means, “He who rests, rusts.”

Basically, it expresses that those who don’t take action won’t improve their skills, which may then stagnate or fade away.

It’s a simple saying that couldn’t …

How to Improve German Speaking with Nothing but Your Phone


The average American checks their phone more than 50 times a day.

Studies have shown similar patterns around the world. Suffice it to say: we’re addicted to our phones.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. So much time gets wasted on…


Learn German Online: The FluentU Method for Real German Language Skills


What would make German learning easier for you?

I know—a more dense and boring textbook, right?!


How about instant access to authentic, entertaining German content—with the tools to understand and learn from it?

That’s more like it.

Learn …

How to Learn German Grammar: Fast, Simple, Easy-to-remember Study Techniques


There are people who like to stop and smell the roses.

Then there are people who mow down the roses as they race to their destination.

While it’s great to be able to savor life and take things slow, in …

Hansel and German: Accusative German Exercises to Do with Fairy Tales

accusative german exercises

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a curious student who wished to learn German.

With a trusty German textbook in one hand and FluentU in the other, this knowledge-seeking apprentice journeyed far and wide, becoming …

5 Fun Ways to Learn German with Music and Get Your Studies Stuck in Your Head


As the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

We could not agree more, and this idea has even been confirmed by science (as we shall see in the next section).

Music gets us …