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How to Speak German Fluently by Knowing Your Brain Inside and Out


Dying to know how to speak German fluently?

You just need to get to know your brain.

Once you know your brain inside and out, you’ll be able to study and practice the right way.

Then, and only …

0 to Fluency in 7 Steps: How to Learn Every German Skill Step by Step


Sometimes we need a little spontaneity in our lives.

You know—buying a jacket you don’t really need. Taking a long drive for no reason. Maybe even booking a last-minute trip to Berlin.

But then there are times for planning …

Confused? How to Understand German by Using Skills You Already Have


Imagine this: You’ve just flown into Germany for a fun vacation trip.

You’d like to buy a new phone charger, so you decide to head to the closest Saturn, a German electronics chain.

Wanting to test out your phrasebook

Learn German with Subtitles to Improve Your Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency


The magic of subtitles captured me a long time ago.

I started using German subtitles while watching TV shows and movies because my German-speaking girlfriend requested them.

Sometimes the spoken English was too fast for her.

Sometimes, after a long …

Live the German Life and Study German in Germany!


What are the advantages of studying a foreign language in a country where it’s spoken every day?

The key is that you don’t just study it, you also get to practice it in real-life situations. You gain an insight …

Jokes in German: How to Understand Native German Humor


There’s a stereotype that learning German isn’t all that fun.

They say that German is challenging, and German people are dreadfully serious.

Anyone who’s seen the fun side of German begs to differ.

Witze (jokes) can go a …

Be a Team Player! Learn German as a Team with These 10 Authentic German Games


Think hard about your favorite game as a kid.

Did it go something like this?

“Do you have any . . . Jacks?”


“How about any . . . hmm, fours?”

“Nope—go fish.”

Even if Go Fish wasn’t something …