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The In’s and Out’s: What to Expect on Your Learn German Journey

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

German is a language both beautiful and complex, forged by structure yet brimming with room for creativity.

And, like many other foreign languages, it’s received a reputation that makes it seem less approachable than it is.…

Expert Advice on Learning German: Our Top 7 Tips on How to Learn the German Language Outside of the Classroom


Didn’t take German in college, but now wish you did?

Don’t have the time or money to take an evening course?

Have too many bad memories of high school to ever want to sit in a classroom again?

Good news:…

How Long Does It Take to Learn German? 4 Factors to Speed Up the Process


Ever notice how “instant” stuff is never quite as good?

You won’t catch me putting instant rice on the table.

I’ll take a fresh brewed pot of joe over instant coffee any day.

Things that take time are just better!…

On Your Mark, Get Set, Learn German with Lessons for Beginners!


If you’re just starting to learn German, here’s a free, one-phrase lesson for you:

Aller Anfang ist schwer.

It means “All beginnings are difficult.”

Ouch! Why am I telling you this at the start of a post about German lessons …

How Far Can You Get with Learning German in One Month?


When I first moved to Germany, I didn’t speak a single word of German.

Needless to say, it was rough going for the first couple of weeks.

You’d be surprised how many Germans can’t speak English, or who can …

6 Easy Peasy German Speaking Tips for Beginners


Speaking is easy, right?

You just need to put your lips together, engage your vocal chords, and then the words will fall right out.

Well, sure, it is pretty easy speaking in your native tongue. But how do you think …

How to Learn German: Everything You Should Know to Get Started


Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

There’s a reason most of us hear that warning when we’re kids: because if you bite off more than you can chew, you might choke.

That’s good advice for eating, but it’s …