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6 Winning Resources for German Exercises Online


Have you ever seen a marathon with no finish line?

You might cross one without knowing it if you’re learning German without tracking your level.

Slow and steady certainly wins the race, but if you’re not aware of your goals …

Ich bin ein Berliner: 23 Shiny Berlin Slang Words to Know!


Juten Tach! 

You respond: “Excuse me?”

Your Berliner friend was apparently greeting you, but you remember that your textbook said that to say “Good Day,” you should say “Guten Tag,” not “Juten Tach.”

This is the day-to-day language in Berlin, …

Your Best German Online Course Is Here, and It’s Free


Here’s how a German online course can transform your language studies:

Imagine yourself building German vocabulary while sipping coffee on your patio.

Or listening to authentic German without even taking your slippers off.

…and would you believe you can do

Hunting for Advanced German Lessons? 17 Great Resources to Check Out

advanced german lessons

Stalking the world wide wilderness for advanced German lessons online?

Are you currently on an endless hunt around the internet?

Well, get ready to pounce on these excellent German learning programs.

We’ve compiled the best online German lessons—actually, we’ve …