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End Auxiliary Confusion! A Guide to German Auxiliary Verbs


“Ich möchte eine Kuh sein.” (I would like to be a cow.)

I’ll always remember what my friend told me about his career goal.

“Wie bitte?” (What?), I said, trying to contain my laughter, and failing.

“Oh! I …

There’s No Time Like the Present to Learn the German Present Tense


Live in the moment.

The here and now.

Being a beginner German student can be a fun, memorable time in your life.

You’re enjoying your first German courses, having your first tentative conversations with natives and starting to dream

German Videos for Beginners: 7 YouTube Gems to Start You Off


“I have no idea what’s going on.”

I uttered these fateful words to my friend just minutes from the end of our last German class.

We would have our very first German final exam in one week, and the …