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Impressive Improvement: How to Improve Your German in 7 Speedy Steps

how to improve your german

374 mph.

That’s how fast Japan’s maglev bullet train was recorded traveling during an experimental ride in April 2015—a new world record.

Unfortunately there’s no bullet train you can hop on to become fluent in German at world-record speeds.

While …

Permission to Selfie: 15 Easy German Sentences for Talking About #1

easy german sentences

Climate change.


Politics. Scientific advancement. If there’s life on other planets.

There are a lot of important topics in the world to discuss.

Yet what’s the topic we like to talk about the most?


It’s the subject …

15 Must-know German Phrases to Dine Like the Natives at Restaurants

german restaurant phrases

White wine goes well with fish.

So does speaking German at a German restaurant.

Whether you’re traveling to Germany, spending a semester in Austria or have just moved to Luxembourg, dining auf Deutsch (in German) makes eating out …

8 Clever Techniques for Sneaking in a Daily German Refresher

german refresher

You used to sling around your German with confidence.

Now suddenly, you need it, and you’ve found it’s run dry.

Going to take a trip to a German-speaking country and need to bone up on what you know, fast?

Planning …

Amazin’ Amazon: How to Discover the Best Free German E-books on Amazon

free german ebooks

Once upon a time people actually paid for books—you know, back when our favorite boy bands sported poofy, spiky hair and wearing flared jeans with white sneakers was a thing.

They drove to the bookstore or ordered them from catalogs. …

10 Embarrassing German Conversation Mistakes to Learn to Avoid

learn german conversation

“Am I going on a date with who?

No way!

She’s just my friend! I mean…

Oh, whoops…

Sound familiar, German learners?

As sure as you’re going to find a bad soap opera if you turn …

This Beginner German Conversation Guide Is Full of Basic Phrases and Tips to Get Talkin’

beginner german conversation

Why are beginner German conversation skills so important?

Well, the point of learning German is to use it! There’s no reason to wait.

Still, it can be intimidating trying out a new language you’ve just started to learn. There are …