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How to Learn German Fast (But Right): 4 Steps for Smarter Studying

learn german fast

If you want to learn German, you might as well learn German fast.

Why take your time when you could be sampling the currywurst in Berlin or rocking out to some killer German jams?

Of course… learning German quickly …

12 Great Ways to Find a Partner for German Language Exchange

bar talking

You’ve been watching German movies on the weekends and listening to German music while you drive and exercise.

Your listening and comprehension have gotten loads better, but now you want to practice speaking German, which is still much harder for …

German Pronunciation Tips for 3 Sounds We Love to Hate

german sounds love hate learn pronounce

German pronunciation is the butt of many jokes.

I understand why.

German has hard sounds and long words with colliding consonants.

For non-German speakers, listening to a German TV show or movie can sound like German people are constantly fighting …

10 German Slang Phrases to Sound Like a Native

german slang phrases sound native

Do you have cups in your cabinet?

Is your nose full?

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Then it’s time to learn some German slang!

By adding more everyday phrases to your useful German greetings and World Cup German