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How to Use Subtitles to Transform Netflix Binges into Maximum German Learning

german subtitles netflix

Are you one of those people entranced with the plot line and opening theme song from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”?

Netflix has over 57 million subscribers, meaning that quite a few people are enjoying movies and TV Shows like “BASEketball” …

The Ultimate List of Handy German Resources for Travelers

german for travelers

Your big trip to Germany is fast approaching.

But is that list of German phrases you printed out going to last throughout the vacation?

Are you worried about sounding silly or even insulting Germans as you try to speak their

19 Engaging German Audio Resources That’ll Have You Listening All Day, Every Day

learn german audio

When it comes to German learning, hearing a person speak German to you is the closest simulation of a real-life scenario that you can get.

When you’re learning German outside of a classroom, it’s hard to get that element of …

Hunting for Advanced German Lessons? 17 Great Resources to Check Out

advanced german lessons

Stalking the world wide wilderness for advanced German lessons online?

Are you currently on an endless hunt around the internet?

Well, get ready to pounce on these excellent German learning programs.

We’ve compiled the best online German lessons—actually, we’ve …

16 Intermediate German Resources Online That Cater to Your Personal Learning Style

intermediate german online

Have you discovered the Holy Grail of online German lessons?

Have you already scoured Google and found the perfect resource for learning German?

Has there ever been a point where you said, “Yup, this online German learning program really …