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How to Learn German Grammar: 5 Critical Concepts to Master


When you hear the word “grammar,” you might get overwhelmed.

You might immediately think of the tons of rules (and exceptions) languages have.

You might even think that grammar is difficult or boring.

But guess what: Grammar is essential to

German Moods Snapshots: Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive


Are you sensitive to moods?

You know, like those created by intense people, cool art or striking German architecture?

Or are you just moody by nature?

If you’re learning German, you better be!

But it’s okay if you don’t …

Want A+ German Skills? 35 Words and Phrases for Talking About School in German


Quick—what was your locker combination in high school?

What was the name of that history teacher who gave you an unfair F?

How about the layout of your high school? I bet you could navigate it like you were there …

How to Describe Your Daily Routine in German: 10 Must-know Verbs


What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Maybe you brush your teeth, put on the coffee or check the news.

Whatever it is, could you describe it in German?

There are a ton of …

11 Golden Nuggets of German Bank Vocabulary


Living without a bank account is like living without air or water.

A bank account is a mandatory item on the modern-day life checklist.

I’m sure it’s that way in your home country, and things are no different in