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Pssst! Here Are 7 Secrets to Building Advanced German Conversation Skills


Language is a beautiful thing.

Apart from separating us from our primate ancestors, it keeps life interesting.

Language gives us a medium for expressing ourselves and our ideas to other people, allowing us to forge relationships and experiences that can …

9 Mighty Modal Particles to Give Your German Conversations Some Kick


Close your eyes for a second.

Think back to when you first started learning German.

Maybe it was in a classroom, or maybe you were learning at home with the first disc of a language program.

Regardless of where you …

German Prefix Breakdown: A Close Look at the 3 Prefix Categories

german prefixes

Puzzled by German prefixes?

There’s no question about it: Learning German grammar can be trying.

German verbs, the words that bring life and action to the language, are often hard for English speakers to comprehend.

Part of this is just …

There’s an App for That? 6 Shockingly Good Apps for Learning German

Young man looking shocked in tablet pc

Thanks to our technology, the world is constantly shrinking down to become an even smaller place.

This shrinkage is occurring because of the way technology is revolutionizing language learning.

We now have unlimited power to learn new languages and …