Deutsch Online! Where to Find the Best Advanced German Lessons on the Web

Entschuldigung, wie ist der Weg?

“Excuse me, what’s the way?”

While this may be a common phrase to ask for directions while traveling in Germany, it’s also a question that you may find yourself asking as an advanced German learner.

The path to full-on fluency isn’t always obvious for advanced German learners.

We don’t have all the ready-made study guides that beginners do and we don’t all share the same study goals anymore. Meanwhile, German “in the wild”—or German the way it’s used by native speakers in natural situations—may still be too difficult to manage.

Luckily, the remedy for this is simple! Advanced German lessons online are ideal for transitioning from the safety of beginner and intermediate courses to the spontaneous and dynamic nature of native German speech, no matter your budget or schedule.

Plus, once you know where to look, it’s actually easy to find the perfect advanced German lessons online for your language needs. We’ll show you lots of options—both free and paid—to sharpen those advanced German grammar skills, expand your vocabulary even more and ultimately get you ready for a life of fluent German conversations.

Deutsch Online! Where to Find the Best Advanced German Lessons on the Web

Check out the top eight places to find advanced German lessons online! Most of these courses are completely in German, so get a glass of Glühwein (mulled wine) and get comfortable.

Das Auslandssemester in Deutschland (The Semester Abroad in Germany)

Das Auslandssemester in Deutschland” is an audio course that follows a character through their semester abroad in Germany. It’s ideal for upper-intermediate or lower-advanced German learners—or anyone who once had a higher level of German and wants a refresher before delving into more advanced vocabulary and skills.

This audio course is presented on YouTube, which makes it perfect for stopping and starting, going back for review and practice or skipping forward as needed. Each lesson starts with a chapter of the story read out loud in slow, clear German by a native speaker. Next comes a look at advanced vocabulary used in the story.

The words are given a translation in English and a spoken definition in German. These words often relate to die Ausbildung (education) in Germany.

The best part of this course is that the speed of the video can be toggled to be faster or slower on YouTube. Further, this is a free course.

Grüße aus Deutschland (Greetings from Germany)


Grüße aus Deutschland is a free course created by the Goethe Institute. This course includes 17 podcast episodes, each broken into four parts running about 10 minutes each. The German in the podcasts is spoken at a manageable pace and is crystal clear, and the interface allows learners to rewind.

The podcasts focus on advanced-level topics and German culture such as Wohngemeinschaft (shared living) and Umweltschutz (environmentalism).

As you listen you’ll be exposed to many advanced German grammar topics, such as the Konjunktiv 2 (German conditional) in the topic of Was möchtest du werden? (What would you like to become?) of the Zwischen Schule und Beruf (Between school and work) podcast.

Each podcast also includes a transcript for reference as well as comprehension exercises. You can also download the podcast lessons for on-the-go listening.

Deutsch Am Arbeitsplatz (German in the Workplace)


Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz is a great course for advanced German lessons online to prepare for work in a German-speaking business environment. It’s ideal for upper-intermediate to advanced learners, but also relevant for anyone who wants to grow a specialized vocabulary in a certain field of work.

This is another free online advanced German course created by the Goethe Institute.

There are over 150 lessons and you can specify the field you want to focus on. For example, there are lessons for those wanting to study soziale Berufe (social work), Wissenschaft (the sciences) and Handwerk (the trades).

Advanced German grammar lessons include those related to formal business language, in particular Geschäftskorrespondenz (business correspondence), which details the appropriate structure and language that should be used in writing business German.

Each lesson includes a reading or audio recording as well as exercises to build comprehension and fluency.

The course is also supported by information pages about Arbeitskultur (work culture) in Germany, interviews with workers and experts and a video course called Typisch!? (Typical!?) that follows a new employee’s experiences in a German office setting.

FluentU German


FluentU German is a comprehensive course for all levels of German learners—including lower-advanced and upper-advanced learners.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

FluentU Ad

Each video comes with a built-in transcription of the German audio and professionally translated English subtitles. You can toggle the English or German subtitles on or off. You can even hover over any word in the German subtitles for an instant definition, isolated pronunciation and useful examples.

This way, you naturally build your vocabulary while listening to German the way native speakers actually use it every day.

There are more than 1,000 German videos on FluentU, covering a wide range of interesting topics like der Traumberuf (dream job), Karrieretipps (career tips) and nachhaltiges Fleisch (sustainable meat). As you watch, you’ll learn how German grammar concepts function “in the wild”—from the imperfect past tense to the conditional to phrasal verbs and a lot more.

Each lesson is also followed by exercises to drill in those advanced words and grammar topics. You can even self-select the advanced German words you want to review later with FluentU’s interactive flashcard decks.

Also, a handy “progress bar” helps you know when you should review these words for optimal retention.

Best of all, you can learn with FluentU’s advanced German lessons anytime, anywhere on the mobile apps for iOS and Android. Check it out with the free trial!

Alltagsdeutsch (Everyday German)


Alltagsdeutsch is a course for learners firmly in the C1 level (per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This course has been developed by the internationally-acclaimed German media company Deutsche Welle (German Wave).

Alltagsdeutsch is a less-structured course, built on individual lessons that are constantly being added.

The advanced German lessons here include audio files with written German transcripts for easy reference and translation. Lesson topics are related to lifestyle, culture and current news stories, often with a unique angle. For example, a recent lesson is called Schiffsnavigation (Ship navigation) and focuses on the technical and lifestyle aspects of captains and ship crews.

Lessons also include advanced grammar practice such as Relativsätze in Partizipialattribute (relative clauses in participial attributes) in the article Ein Besuch im Hexenmuseum Schweiz” (“A Visit in Switzerland’s Witch Museum”).

Here’s just a sampling of other advanced German grammar topics that are covered in this online course:

  • Passive sentences with the auxiliary verb werden
  • Funktionsverbgefüge (noun-verb constructions)
  • Temporaladverbien (temporal adverbs)

Each lesson includes vocabulary-building and grammar exercises that reinforce the words learned from the recording and test comprehension. A handy glossary also gives definitions for challenging vocabulary or idioms. Like the courses offered by the Goethe Institute, Alltagsdeutsch is available online for free.



Altissia offers German courses for learners of all levels. The Altissia online course starts with a proficiency test to gauge your German level and subsequent course material.

Course content focuses on practical German situations that learners should expect to encounter in Germany related to work, travel and culture. The lessons include exercises that focus on pronunciation, grammar and listening and reading comprehension.

Each lesson is also followed by a test to ensure you’ve appropriately acquired the skills and vocabulary presented by the lesson.

Altissia uses a subscription fee for its service, and it costs 42 euros for a month’s access.

Deutsch Online Training


Like Altissia, Deutsch Online Training offers lessons for all levels of German, but this one in particular is for C1/C2 (advanced/near-fluent) learners. Unlike the other courses in this list, this is a course based on lessons provided by an individual teacher.

Lessons with Deutsch Online Training can be done one-on-one or in a small group. The teacher plans a lesson based on your level of German and your goals, and a base curriculum is used to make sure all important advanced German topics are covered.

Further, the benefit of having a German teacher is that they offer immediate practice and feedback when you practice your German, and you can ask questions to a real person if you’re stuck or confused on a certain topic.

Deutsch Online Trainer sells their lessons in batches. For example, a package of five lessons costs 149 euros. Learners however can complete a non-binding placement test and trial lesson before committing to subsequent lessons.



Lingoda is a service like Deutsch Online Trainer, but it offers online lessons for multiple languages. For its German lessons, however, it’s perfect for learners at any level of German.

Lingoda has a structured curriculum that’s adaptable to C1 and C2-level learners of German. Classes are taught by a native German teacher in a small class setting.

This is perfect for creating an atmosphere that’s comfortable and safe to practice spoken German since you’ll be alongside other learners of German.

With Lingoda, class schedules are flexible, and they boast being able to have multiple course options throughout the week. Best of all, at the end of a course, Lingoda gives successful learners a certificate that reflects their CEFR level.

This is fantastic if you’re looking for some sort of official recognition of your level of German, for instance if you’re seeking employment in Germany.

A monthly subscription costs $69 and includes five group classes over the course of a month. There are also free trial lessons available.


Heiliger Strohsack (Holy smokes)! That was a lot of high-quality advanced German lessons online. Now that you know the Weg, get a Wurst (sausage) for the road, and set your German level on fire!

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