The French Subjunctive Decrypted


Right now, you’re playing the French language learning game on the “easy” setting.

Fellow French students will be the first to tell you: acquiring some basic French isn’t too hard.

Beginners tend to feel on top of their game, confident …

Learn French with Native Podcasts: 5 Favorites You’ll Love


Pining for the music, voices, and sounds heard in the streets of Paris?

Look no further than your very own smartphone!

Thanks to today’s technology, you can have a native French speaker in your ear within moments.

Native French podcasts …

Ride the French Radio Waves! Learn French Radio-style with These Stations and Listening Tips

learn french radio

Learn French with radio, and suddenly you’re surrounded by the real language.

I’m talking French hits that native speakers rock out to.

And chatty talk show hosts that don’t sound anything like your textbook.

It’s an incredibly fun and …

Learn French with Books: 10 Fun French Children’s Books


Want to take a break from fast-talking French films, music and people?

Here’s a tip: children’s books.

You may be dying to dive headfirst into reading higher-level French books.

But for most beginners, basic French comprehension skills won’t …

En soirée: Essential French Words and Phrases for Nightlife


You’re in France and you want to do as the French do.

What better way to experience la vie en rose than in cafés, bars, and discothèques?

After studying common French behaviors and becoming more adjusted to French life, you’re …

French Customs and Etiquette: Frogs Legs, Kissing and Other “Francey” Habits


France is only a hop, skip and jump across the channel from the English-speaking world.

Even so, the distinctive customs of France may make you feel like you just landed on Mars.

Nobody is totally immune to culture shock …

20 Common French False Friends to Watch Out For

faux amis french false friends cognates

Have you ever trusted blindly and gotten stabbed in the back?

I’m not talking about people – I’m talking about French vocabulary.

French and English share a complicated linguistic history, leaving us to juggle loads of faux amis (false friends)