20 Common French False Friends to Watch Out For

faux amis french false friends cognates

Have you ever trusted blindly and gotten stabbed in the back?

I’m not talking about people – I’m talking about French vocabulary.

French and English share a complicated linguistic history, leaving us to juggle loads of faux amis (false friends)

French Shopping Vocabulary: All The Essentials for Shopping in France

Paris shopping

Dear fellow shopaholics,

Please be aware that Paris is the fashionista’s dream city.

Twice a year, France becomes the ultimate destination for lovers of la mode (fashion).

Armed with your authentic French slang words, summertime vocabulary, and nightlife

5 Fun Ways to Learn French That Actually Work

fun ways to learn french

Studying nonstop can make you yearn for the carefree days of childhood.

It’s no secret: learning a foreign language is a lot of work.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too!

Imagine a preschool class learning the nut

French Summer Vocabulary: 12 Words to Beat the Heat


The expected forecast now in France varies between heat, holidays, sun and sandals.

You’re thriving so far, thanks to these essential cultural French summer expressions, but do you know your basics?

Whether you are a bronzed sun-seeking babe or …

Kitchen French: 7 French Food Idioms


It’s no secret that the French love their cuisine.

The hexagon boasts some of the best chefs, restaurants and ingredients in the world.

So it’s not all that surprising that this love has made its way into the very …

9 Beautiful French Proverbs That Will Impress


Want to astound native speakers with your French?

Then along with your French slang and French idioms, you must learn some French proverbs!

These beauties are filled with both imagery and wisdom, and can be used in everyday situations.…

French Internet Slang: How to Chat Online Like a Native


You just received your first instant message from your new French pal!

Excitedly, you take a look.

That excitement quickly turns into perplexed frustration once you read the first line:

Cc cv twa?

Before you can even begin to decipher …