How to Keep Up with the Newest French Songs and Lyrics


You’re in a restaurant with some friends and a French song comes on.

It completely fits your music style, and you find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat.

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7 Low-effort, High-value French Learning Tools That’ll Get You to Fluency Faster


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20 Weird French Words You Won’t Believe Exist!


They say that Innuit have hundreds of words for snow.

Other languages have words for concepts we’ve never even thought of.

Linguists remain at odds as to whether the language we speak influences how we think or vice versa.

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How to Learn French Faster with French Audiobooks


Reading and audio are a match made in French language heaven.

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How to Improve Your French with French Dubbed Movies


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An Underrated Tool for Learning French: French Readers


Learning to read in French doesn’t have to be a struggle.

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But why hike through the mountains when you can take a train?

Taking things one step at a time will …