Common French Phrases Guaranteed to Help You Talk with Personality

most common french phrases words

“Good day, ma’am, how may I assist you today?”

Did he really just call me ma’am? And greet me with “good day”?

You’re caught completely off guard by all of this formal speak.

After all, you’re merely standing at the …

Lone Wolfing French: 9 Essentials to Learn French on Your Own


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No cozy, sheltered classroom French lessons for you.

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Learn French Through Conversation: 11 Tips to Master Chit Chat


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You’re even watching French TV in your spare time!

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Get Intimate with French Sentence Structure


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Start with building blocks!

Once you have learned French sentence structure, the rest will follow easily.

We like structure so much that we have divided French sentences into four basic structures.…

How to Learn French Faster: A 4-Step Method to Accelerate Your Progress


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5 Famous French Singers to Make You Love Learning French with Music


When you think of French musicians, do you draw a big blank?

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The advantage of learning more …