Get Total French Immersion at Home with These 10 Great Resources

total immersion french

These days, we’re overwhelmed with information.

Search for something on Google and your screen is flooded with possible options.

When you’re looking for resources and advice for total French immersion, the situation’s no different.

From websites and apps to …

Polish Your Conversational French with These 5 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom

conversational french

Did you know there are actually two ways to speak French?

And that doesn’t include idiomatic expressions or business lingo, which are a whole different story.

Conversational French can be as diverse and spicy as you could ever imagine, …

The Best 6 French Reference Books All Learners Should Have on Their Desks

french learning books

You’re sitting in the park writing the next great French novel.

Or maybe you’re just practicing writing out some of your first full French sentences—either way, it feels like a big undertaking.

Things are going well. Words seem to

Time Traveling in French: The Essential Guide to the Grammar Rules of Past Tenses


Is there anything cooler than time traveling “Back to the Future” style?

No. No, there isn’t.

And how are you going to time travel to the past in French if you can’t speak about it?

What’s Special About the Past?

The 10 Best Websites to Learn French at Any Level

best websites to learn french

Ah, the old vicious Internet cycle.

Too many of us end up trapped here. Heck, you might even be trapped right now.

How many times have you been caught in the endless cycle of clicking from email to Facebook and …

10 Awesome Indie Bands That Will Improve Your French Listening

french listening

French rock music doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being spectacular.

When people think of French music, images of jazz bands in Parisian night clubs and street musicians on the Left Bank may come to mind. Crooners. Edith Piaf. …

The Essential Guide to Learning French Online with Hashtags

how to learn french online

In 2013, the French government banned the word “hashtag” from official use.

This isn’t the first time France has done something extreme to keep the French language pure.

They did the same thing with the word “email” (replaced with le