9 Online Resources for French Lessons You’ll Love

online  french lessons

Tired of being tied down to one spot during French study time?

Whether that spot’s a desk, an old couch or a classroom—you yearn for more freedom.

French language learners, we know your pain.

No matter when you started learning

The 10 Best French Movies on Netflix for French Learners

best french movies on netflix

In the mood for a cinematic treat?

Many French learners already know that watching movies is one of the best and most pleasurable ways to learn through immersion.

Some are even aware of techniques for using movies to accelerate

How to Master French Gender Rules in a Nutshell

french gender rules

Masculin ou féminin ?

Oh, the woes this question has brought you and every other French speaker out there.

You ask yourself whether a noun is masculine or feminine every time you need a verb agreement, adjective, definite article or …

Your Mindset Matters: 7 Ways to Improve Your French Daily

how to improve your french

Why so serious?

I won’t sugar coat it. Learning French can be a downright tricky business.

But just because it’s tough at times doesn’t mean we have to take it so seriously.

When it comes to learning a language, a …

6 Must-see French Drama Series That’ll Spoil You with Exciting French Learning

french drama series

French drama series throw kindling on your burning desire to learn French.

They can turn your little French spark into a full-on roaring fire!

This is important if you want to reach fluency.

As much as you love French, learning …

French Immersion Software: 5 Stellar Programs for Language Learning

French immersion software

Searching the internet for the best and brightest French immersion software?

The immersion part is key here—you’re not just looking for any old software.

You’re looking for something that will totally plunge you into the deep end of French

How to Speak French Naturally and Effortlessly with French Radio Online

learn language with radio

Not on the same wavelength as native French speakers?

Maybe you’re learning in a classroom, reading advanced books, practicing grammar—but something’s missing.

Want to speak French naturally, fluently and effortlessly? Dying to understand everything native French speakers say?