The Single Best Focused Study Method to Learn French

best method to learn french

What’s the best way to learn French completely?

There are a ton of programs and tools out there promising to improve your French in specific areas, like speaking or writing.

In order to really know a language, though, you …

Get Inspired: 12 Incredible Blogs in French for Advanced Learners

blogs in french

Ready to be inspired and go exploring?

We’re going to peek through virtual windows into other worlds.

So what’ll give us this magical view?

Blogs in French.

Blogs are sites that are frequently updated with new content, and they just …

Your Essential Guide to Tricky French Pronouns “Y” and “En”

french pronouns y and en

Got French pronouns buzzing around your brain?

Well, you can run, but you can’t hide.

Every French learner discovers pretty early on that mastering pronouns is one of the most challenging parts of learning sentence structure, which is …

Soaring High: 15 Advanced French Podcasts You’ll Absolutely Love

advanced french podcast

It’s time to bring out the big guns.

If you want to make the leap from an intermediate to advanced level of French, it’s going to take more than rote memorization of vocab and a bunch of grammar exercises.…

Pop Quiz! Test Your Knowledge with 10 Intermediate French Quiz Resources

intermediate french quiz

Didn’t you just hate tests when you were in school? 

I mean, ugh. The trick questions, the sneaky multiple choice questions with multiple almost correct answers…the way you were forced to memorize too much content until you knew it all …

10 Brilliant Ways to Learn Flawless, Professional French for Business

learn business french

Want to get ahead?

One way to get ahead in the business world is to speak your customers’ language.

That might be exactly why you’re learning French—or it could just be an extra bonus that French is one of …

10 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Brush Up on Your French

brush up on french

Once upon a time, I lived in France, and life was awesome.

I spoke French so well that the occasional native thought I was one of them.

Then I moved back to the States.

Within a year, it was