4 Smart Ways to Hack into Advanced French Conversation

advanced french conversation

Does your spoken French lack eloquence?

You may already be headed for the French major leagues.

You may even be participating in French conversations, or well on your way to doing so.

But there’s still room for improvement.

Sometimes, …

15 Funny French Fruit Expressions: How Many Do You Know?

funny french expressions

Pears, plums, peaches…

These are a few of France’s favorite things.

Apples, oranges, lemons and strawberries too—that’s a given, but pears, plums and peaches are of the utmost importance to any French native, especially plums.

Prune is the word …

How to Easily Use French Poetry as a Powerful Learning Tool

french poetry

The French pride themselves on their world-renowned poésie (poetry).

It can be mysterious and full of complicated terminology and romantic pictures.

French poets are known for being in tune to their emotions, expertly expressing themselves, and adopting other styles and …

14 Wise Tips for Learning French by Doing as the Romans Do

tips for learning french

Ok… so you’re here to learn French, right?

Then why on Earth would we be talking about the Romans?

Well, besides making tremendous strides in architecture, warfare and public welfare, the Romans also had a thriving system of education!…

The Essential Guide to the French Conditional Tense

french conditional tense

If you had a bright bundle of balloons on a perfect summer’s day, would your smile be as big as hers?

I know mine would.

If I asked you to, could you ask that same opening question in French, …

6 YouTube Channels with Authentic French Videos That’ll Have You Feeling Like a Native

french videos

Feel as if you’ve sucked all those French grammar books dry?

Ready for the next level?

Every excelling language learner knows the best way to fully grasp a language is through immersion!

But what’s the ultimate immersion experience?


15 Unbelievable Everyday French Phrases with the Word “Butt”

everyday French phrases

What’s France’s favorite body part to flaunt linguistically?

If you thought “gluteus maximus,” you’re certainly right!

Censorship in France?

Never. No way!

If you’re ever granted the chance to travel around in France, take note of the advertisements—you won’t …