5 Fundamental Skills for Acing Your French Oral Exam


You stare at the class syllabus in shock.

Sweat beads on your forehead. Your palms become moist. You start to shake.

You feel seasick, even though you’re on dry land.

You frantically flip through the weekly calendar on your smartphone’s …

Learn French from Great Chefs, Ocean Explorers and More: 7 French Documentaries with Subtitles


Who doesn’t like a two-for-one?

That’s exactly what you get when you watch French documentaries.

You won’t just be improving your French comprehension and vocabulary. You’ll also get a crash course on a huge variety of topics!

Better yet, there …

Bam, Pow, Learn! 10 French Webcomics for Fun Language Learning


“Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football like this and you come running up and kick it…”

“Ha! I wouldn’t try that for a million dollars!”

“WAAH! You don’t trust me!”

“Ok, you hold the ball and I’ll come running and …

Game On! The 5 Best French Card Games for Language Learners


Need a break from the screens?

Sometimes after a long Netflix binge or vanquishing a video game, it’s nice to have a little fun the old fashioned way.

And it doesn’t get more old fashioned than card games—did you …

Popular Phrases French Learners Need! 15 Useful Expressions


A common tale of woe exists among language learners.

Maybe you’ve already heard this one.

Or even experienced it yourself!

It starts when you decide to learn a language because you want to travel to a particular country, like France.…

From Tutorials to Real-world Learning: 21 French Video Tools


What’s France’s greatest contribution to society?

Is it their exquisite art?

Their world-famous cuisine?

While there are many possible answers, there’s no question that one of the most influential French creations has been film.

Several of the …

Growing an Active Vocabulary: How Many Words in the French Language Do I Need to Know?


Dix (ten), cent (one hundred), mille (one thousand), dix milles (ten thousand)?

No, no, no, French learner, I am not teaching you how to count by intervals in French!

Instead, I am asking you: How many words do you