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16 Essential French Summer Vocabulary Words and Expressions

16 Essential French Expressions Summer

What does it mean for the French when Easter is in the past, and the end of the World Cup is in sight?

Why that it’s summertime, of course!

Time for holidays, barbecues, and naturally, new vocabulary!

As any …

Essential French Food Vocabulary: Regional Cuisines

essential French food vocabulary regional cuisines pancakes

Want to learn French the tasty way?

What is more closely tied with the savoir vivre of the French than their food?

But it’s not all about baguettes and frog legs!  Here is a quick French regional food vocabulary lesson …

The Ultimate French Vocabulary Guide For Football / Soccer

ultimate french vocabulary guide football soccer world cup

Sports can be a great way to start a conversation with the locals and put your French language skills to the test.

However, the sheer amount of vocabulary can make this a daunting task!

Sports talk can be chock full …

15 French Slang Words Every French Learner Should Know

15 french slang words

So, you’ve finally arrived in France.

You can’t wait to start practicing your French.

You go to a café and start chatting with a group of students.

However, they’re using words which you perhaps thought meant one thing, and which …

8 Useful Phrases to Celebrate Pâques, the French Easter Holiday

Paques, the French Easter Holiday

Looking forward to the Easter holidays?

Are you also learning French?

Or maybe you are just wondering how the traditional celebrations are different in France to other countries?

Then with this list of phrases and the accompanying explanations you’ll be …

10 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye in French


Tired of saying “au revoir” (“goodbye”)?

Know your French greetings but not your French “goodbyes”?

If you’re looking for new and interesting ways to say goodbye in French, you’ve come to the right place.

10 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye

10 Useful French Greetings and Salutations for French Learners

french greetings goodbye

Tired of saying “bonjour”?

Want to take your boring “bonjour” and turn it into something more memorable?

You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a French learner looking to speak more naturally with your French friends, or a business