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Time Traveling in French: The Essential Guide to the Grammar Rules of Past Tenses


Is there anything cooler than time traveling “Back to the Future” style?

No. No, there isn’t.

And how are you going to time travel to the past in French if you can’t speak about it?

What’s Special About the Past?

How 5 Famous French Paintings Can Help You Learn Advanced Vocabulary

advanced french vocabulary

We’ve got a French two-for-one special going on today.

We’re combining French language and art for a fantastic, in-context learning experience.

Isn’t it so much easier to learn a foreign language when you’re also learning about something else?

Learning French …

25 Basic French Phrases You’ve Gotta Know to Survive

basic french phrases

You’ve arrived in a French-speaking country, and you’re a beginner.

You’re probably a bit doe-eyed and confused.

While you know several English words that were borrowed from French, (plus some bizarre French words that you learned just for the …

101 French Restaurant Vocabulary Words for Hungry Travelers

french restaurant vocabulary

Dining in France can be an oh so magical experience.

No matter which corner of the country you visit, you can rest assured you’ll get to taste something unique and absolutely delicious.

If you don’t believe me, I dare …

The Complete Guide to Mastering Business French

French for business

Le chat est sur la branche – The cat is on the branch.

Où est la bibliothèque ? – Where is the library?

You might have mastered these classic sentences from your French textbook.

But when you get a …

15 Funny French Fruit Expressions: How Many Do You Know?

funny french expressions

Pears, plums, peaches…

These are a few of France’s favorite things.

Apples, oranges, lemons and strawberries too—that’s a given, but pears, plums and peaches are of the utmost importance to any French native, especially plums.

Prune is the word …

15 Unbelievable Everyday French Phrases with the Word “Butt”

everyday French phrases

What’s France’s favorite body part to flaunt linguistically?

If you thought “gluteus maximus,” you’re certainly right!

Censorship in France?

Never. No way!

If you’re ever granted the chance to travel around in France, take note of the advertisements—you won’t …