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5 Strong Defenses Against French Reflexive Pronoun Confusion


The first rule for mastering reflexive pronouns: don’t get discouraged.

The second rule for mastering reflexive pronouns: don’t get discouraged.

It’s all about attitude!

So become your own grammar boss and porte-toi bien (hold yourself well).

The truth is, you’re …

40+ Descriptive Words to Take Your French Beyond Basic Statements


Have you ever tried eating a dish without any seasoning?

No spices. No salt. No sauce. Just the main ingredient.

Imagine trying to eat even something as simple as rice and beans like that. It wouldn’t be very enjoyable, would …

How Not to Sound Like a Tourist on Bastille Day: French Language Tips for the Holiday

bastille day in french language

Allons, enfants de la Patrie, (Let’s go, children of the fatherland,)

Le jour de gloire est arrivé! (The day of glory has arrived!)

You’ve probably heard these famous words from “La Marseillaise,” France’s national anthem, sung for Bastille Day celebrations. …

Une conf call, L’IT, Mi-temps: Talking About Jobs in French


Time to get to work talking about… work!

While the French may be famous for their 35-hour work week, they do work on occasion.

Actually, a 2015 report even showed that the French were the seventh most productive …

The Ultimate Guide to Gracefully Gliding Through French Semi-vowels


When two or more French vowels go walking, which one does the talking?

And when they do the talking, what do these vowels say?

If they’re semi-vowels, they’ll say something that sounds suspiciously like a consonant.

In fact, some …

Master 50 of the Most Common Irregular Past Participles in French with This Guide


The French love to live for the present.

That must be why they made talking about the past so difficult!

French learners spend months sorting through the differences between the imperfect and composed past… only to face the myriad …

No Way! How to Turn Down, Negate and Deny in French


“Hey, do you want to work late tonight?”

“Could you help me move?”

“Would you like to continue struggling with French gender rules?”

Uhhhhh… no.

Sometimes you have to say no. And it’s OK to say no.…