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Be on Top of Your Preposition Game: The Ultimate Guide to French Prepositions of Place


Would you say you’re on the bus or in it?

That depends on which language you’re speaking.

Prepositions connect words and describe their relationship in space or time (for instance: in, under, during, etc.). Different languages speak about space and …

How and When to Use the French Gerund, Explained


Gerund. Auxiliary verb. Infinitive. Past participle. Superlative

What a terrifying list of grammatical jargon.

What happened to the beautifully simple “nouns,” verbs” and “adjectives” that we all know and love?

As it turns out, there’s a

Stay Positive: Over 20 Ways to Say Yes in French


“She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…

“Come on, feel alright, I said yeah yeah yeah yeah …

“Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back…”

From The Beatles to Billy Idol to Snow Patrol, saying—or singing—”yes” …

It’s Imperative! Practice French Commands with 6 Interactive Activities


Wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. Facts and statements only go so far.

So how can you get anything done?

You need some French commands in your tool-belt.

The French imperative can really make things happen.

But if all you …

Cat Got Your Tongue? How to Master 5 Common French Silent Letters


What do x, h, s, n and t have in common?

Well, besides being letters, of course!

Give up? In French—la langue française—you often don’t hear them at all!

That’s right: When placed in certain positions in a …

The Easiest Way to Learn French Noun Genders: Common Patterns for Masculine and Feminine Words


I remember when I tried to explain the concept of French noun gender to my mom.

I’d just started learning French in the eighth grade. I was enamored with the language, soaking up every new word and already dreaming of …

From the Beaches to the Mountains: French Vocabulary for a Vacation That Can’t Be Beat


There’s nothing like the smell of sea salt wafting over hot sand.

Or maybe you’re more of a cool lakeside breeze person.

No, no—maybe you’re strapping on your skis and chugging in that mountain air.

However you choose …