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Conjugation Without Memorization: 7 Patterns You Can Apply to Tons of French Irregular Verbs


“What do you want first,” my French teacher asked, “the good news or the bad news?”

Ugh… what complicated, arduous, burdensome grammatical concept will we have to surmount this time?

She starts with the good news.

“The vast majority of …

60+ French Cognates You Can Count On (Plus Fake Ones You Can’t)


Did you know you already use French words every day?

And we’re not just talking about the obvious ones like cliché and à la carte.

We’re talking about essential, everyday vocabulary that you can pick up from English …

Be Agreeable! How to Learn French Verb Agreement by Mastering the Past Tense


Delving into the past can sometimes be painful.

Do you agree?

Fuddling through the correct conjugations for the French past tense—and all the right verb agreements—can make recalling past events even more painful.

Again, are you in agreement? Give …

Pack These French Train Tips and Vocabulary from a Veteran Traveler


The French countryside is world-class splendorous, but I have a short attention span.

So for me, nothing is better than hopping onto one of the world’s fastest trains and watching all those quaint cows and immaculately provincial French towns …

All About French Articles to Complete Your French-learning Masterpiece


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh said this, and we know it to be true.

Whether it’s language learning or painting a masterpiece, the small things matter.

Understanding French articles matters.…

Go Cook Yourself an Egg! 10 Funny French Phrases for Colorful Conversations


Let’s get back to our sheep because I have other cats to whip.

Wait, what?!

Believe it or not, the first sentence actually made sense. Well, to French people anyways.

Did it sound funny and (super) weird? You bet it …

10 Cool French Words You’ll Use All the Time


Not all words are created equal.

Let’s face it: some are just plain boring.

There are those words like bien (well/good) and chose (thing) that French learners use from day one… then there are words like d’accord (agreed/okay) that …