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A Veteran Traveler's Guide to French Trains: Tips, Hacks and Vocabulary for a Smooth Ride


The French countryside is world-class splendorous, but I have a short attention span.

So for me, nothing is better than hopping onto one of the world’s fastest trains and watching all those quaint cows and immaculately provincial French towns …

All About French Articles to Complete Your French-learning Masterpiece


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh said this, and we know it to be true.

Whether it’s language learning or painting a masterpiece, the small things matter.

Understanding French articles matters.…

Go Cook Yourself an Egg! 10 Funny French Phrases for Colorful Conversations


Let’s get back to our sheep because I have other cats to whip.

Wait, what?!

Believe it or not, the first sentence actually made sense. Well, to French people anyways.

Did it sound funny and (super) weird? You bet it …

10 Cool French Words You’ll Use All the Time


Not all words are created equal.

Let’s face it: some are just plain boring.

There are those words like bien (well/good) and chose (thing) that French learners use from day one… then there are words like d’accord (agreed/okay) that …

19 Common French Questions You’ll Need to Ask and Answer


“How are you?”

“Where’s the restroom?”

“How much does this cost?”

Questions are important. We ask ’em, answer ’em and ponder ’em.

They make up a not-so-insignificant percentage of everything we say out loud (and also everything we think …

Made in Acadia: The History, Evolution and Unique Expressions of Acadian French


“I’ll take Francophone Trivia for $200, Alex,” your opponent says.

“The name of this variety of French sounds like a place to play video games.”

“What is…Nintendique?”

“I’m sorry, that’s incorrect.”

“What is Atarièle!?”

Alex, the host, shakes his head …

Get in a Frightfully Festive Mood with These Spooky French Halloween Words


Changing leaves, hot cocoa, scarves and sweaters, pumpkin flavored pastries in cafe windows.

It can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived!

Along with its arrival comes a ton of new French vocabulary centered around the season.

It’s time …