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Got Savoir-faire? How to Master French Compound Nouns


Ah, those infamous compound nouns.

They’re like linguistic high-fives—two words slapped together to make something awesome.

You might recognize them as the culprits behind German’s unbelievably long, hard-to-pronounce words.

Well, what if I told you German isn’t the …

Your Window to the Southern French Accent: A Guide


In the South of France, the sun shines and the people smile more days than not.

Do you know what that means?

People are relaxed. It also means lots of fiesta and siesta.

And with that relaxed state of mind …

Teach Yourself! A Straightforward Walkthrough of Reflexive Verbs in French


I still remember my first day of French class.

Before we could even enter the classroom, Madame had us say bonjour (hello) as we shook her hand.

We had barely gone to our seats before our first exercise began. We …

Fun Travel French: 65+ Phrases for Dining, Clubbing, Shopping and More


You’ve booked your tickets.

You’ve researched the best cafés and nightclubs.

You’re gearing up to have some IRL interactions with French-speaking natives.

Whether it’s France or another Francophone land of your choosing, it’s always best to travel well-prepared.

You …

Like… Huh? 10 French Filler Words to Make You a French Conversation Master​


So, you consider yourself an expert of sorts, do you? 

Think you can sniff out all the subtle nuances of French conversation?

Think you’ve finally mastered French speaking?

I decided that, too, once a couple years ago when I …

30 French Acronyms to Beam Up Your French



Yes, this is the beginning of a lesson in French—not some crazy, alien language.

The French love their acronyms.

This is exciting news for those of us who delighted in Pig Latin as children.

The rest …

3 French Poems About Spring to Plant New Vocab in Your Head


Ah, springtime in Paris.

Okay, so springtime anywhere can be pretty great.

Wherever you are, it at least should definitely be time by now to say goodbye to winter and start thinking of all things spring.

With the turn of …