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Fingers Crossed: How to Say “Good Luck” in French

good luck in french

“Break a leg.”

“You’ll do great.”

“Best wishes!”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

What do these phrases all have in common?

They are all different ways to express good wishes for someone.

More precisely, they are variations of the phrase, …

The Many Meanings of C’est Bon: The French Phrase That’s Better Than Good

c'est bon

Sometimes, things that seem bland and mundane at first glance are actually fun, interesting and exciting. You just have to know where to look!

This is especially true when learning French.

Just as we might add a funny saying …

Oh Là Là: How to Use This Quintessential Phrase Like the French

oh la la

Are you looking to add a little more glamor to your French conversations?

Want to express yourself in three emotion-packed syllables?

Need a Jacques-of-all-trades interjection that can give voice to your highest highs and lowest lows?

Welcome to Oh Là

Talking About Age in French: Basic Rules to Master a Tricky Topic

age in french

I have a good friend who has been 39 years old for a number of years now.

It seems astonishing, yes. But in fact, I just went to a celebration of her 39th birthday the other day. Not that I’m …

Satiate Your Thirst! Water in French and Its Many Quenching Forms

water in french

France is famous for its water.

Évian. Perrier. Volvic.

Trendy. Bubbly.

The stuff of life.

But there’s more to water in French than the vogue of bottled water.

Consider La Côte d’Azur (French Riviera).

The Loire. …

150+ French House Vocabulary Words Because There’s No Place Like Home!

french house vocabulary

I’m inviting you to a French house party!

It’s going to be a blast.

We’ll munch on some snacks.

We’ll rock out to some happenin’ tunes.

We’ll get our chitchat on.

Best of all, we’ll get a

“Very Good” in French: 24 Positively Fantastique Adjectives to Add Flare to Your French

very good in french

There’s a lot that’s très bon (very good) about France and its language.

Their cuisine is unrivaled, and their cafés, art museums and architecture draw millions of visitors each year.

Whether it’s the monumental novels of Victor Hugo or …