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Learn French Through Conversation: 11 Tips to Master Chit Chat


You’ve picked up some French slang and have been busy studying the subjunctive.

You’re even watching French TV in your spare time!

And now you’re ready to mix it all together and put that knowledge to good use by …

How to Learn French Faster: A 4-Step Method to Accelerate Your Progress

learn french faster

When it comes to your French progress, do you have the need for speed?

You’re taking a trip to Paris. You need to speak French for your job. You’ve met a special someone who happens to be a native …

10 French Tongue Twisters to Perfect Your French Accent

tongue twister

Want to stump your friends?

We all remember challenging ourselves with crazy tongue twisters growing up.

Aside from being a fun camp activity, tongue twisters can also be a great way to learn a foreign language.

You’ve heard native speakers …

How to Create an At-home Oasis for Instant French Immersion

instant french immersion

Ready to go from French student to French speaker?

The answer is simple: French immersion.

After burning yourself out every day with work, studies, social commitments and other life responsibilities, this probably seems beyond impossible.

How could you possibly …

How to Become Fluent in French: A Simple 5-Step Training Program


Want to become fluent in French?

Consider me your French personal trainer. I’m here to tell you that the key to French fluency lies in your favorite workout plan.

The same routine you use to kick your butt into shape …

How to Find the Perfect French Language Exchange Partner


Can you have a worthwhile French language conversation while panicking over conjugations?

Can you express yourself well enough to make French friends when you only know 6 basic verbs?

We’ve all been there.

All French language learners, from beginners to

Reading in French: How to Become a French Bookworm

read french bookworm

Learning French with movies, TV, and songs is great.

But if you have a little more time on your hands, why not pick up a French novel?

Why Learn French Through Reading?

It might seem daunting, but reading is …