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Beyond Seduction: 3 Cool Benefits of Learning French


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?

If you’ve tried that famed French phrase before, you’ve likely been slapped!

Christina Aguilera, soul sister, steered you wrong on this one.

But it’s no coincidence that one of the most famous French phrases — …

5 Smart Steps for Learning to Read in French


Ever tried to read a French book and come up feeling like you understood less than when you started?

Ready to move past Astérix and Obélix?

This is your chance!

Reading in French, like reading in any language, requires …

How to Learn French Vocabulary Faster by Moving Beyond Flashcards

learn french vocabulary moving beyond flashcards, step by step

Tired of your French flashcard routine?

Want to take things to the next level?

Flashcards are a good method to build your vocabulary. If you’ve been using them to learn French, you’re already seeing the benefits of regular drilling.…

Be Your Own Teacher! 5 Easy Ways to Learn French by Yourself


Want to learn French, but don’t have time to go to class?

Trying to increase your French aptitude without going back to school?

Lots of people are on the lookout for a way to learn French all on their own …

7 Surprising Ways to Practice French Online with Immersion

practice french immersion online

Having a lazy French study day?

All you want to do is sit around in your pajamas and browse the Internet.

That stack of flashcards is just going to sit there collecting dust.

The French conversation program you picked …

Lone Wolfing French: 9 Essentials to Learn French on Your Own


You have decided to abandon the pack and strike out on your own.

No cozy, sheltered classroom French lessons for you.

To survive, you’ll have to tap into your natural instincts and feel out what works best for you.

But …

Learn French Through Conversation: 11 Tips to Master Chit Chat


You’ve picked up some French slang and have been busy studying the subjunctive.

You’re even watching French TV in your spare time!

And now you’re ready to mix it all together and put that knowledge to good use by …