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Get the Ball Rrrrolling: How to Pronounce “R” in French!

how to pronounce r in french

“How does your throat feel?”

Wait a second… what does that have to do with French?

It’s not a typical question to ask unless someone has a cold, but when it comes to learning French, you might find you’ve wound …

How to Type French Accents: A Guide for PC, Mac and Linux Users (Plus Online Keyboard Resources)


Bonjour, je veux apprendre le francais. (Hello, I want to learn French.)

See the problem here?

I will give you a sec. Found it?

We write français not francais!

That little appendage on the “c” is an accent, and …

5 French-speaking Countries That Will Expand Your Language Horizons

french speaking countries

The French language.”


What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the Académie française, lavender season in Provence or the Eiffel Tower glittering on the hour, every hour just like you remembered.

In other …

Let’s Put Pen to Paper and Master Written French

written french

You’re sitting in a cafe in Paris, pencil in hand.

You came to France to write the next great French novel. The paper’s there facing you, waiting to record your masterpiece.

Now is the time and the place …

How to Learn French: The Ultimate Roadmap We Wish We Had as Beginners

learn french

Do you want to learn French?

You’re in good company.

There are more than 275 million French speakers around the globe.

C’est vrai! (It’s true!)

And they’re not all in France, either. (I mean, the boulangeries would be overwhelmed…) French …

French Listening Practice That Works: Top Exercises and Tips to Improve Comprehension


You’re picking up a few items at a grocery store in France.

You were able to find your way around, read ingredient labels and even mentally keep track of how euros compare to dollars.

But then it’s time to …

Does French Have to Be Hard? 4 Practical Study Tricks That Make It Easy from the Start


“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Was Martin Luther King Jr. talking about French learning when he said this?

No, but he might as well have been.

French learning doesn’t have to …