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4 Creative Steps to Quickly Relearn the French You Forgot


It just figures.

There are some parts of high school you just can’t forget.

Like that jerk who had a locker next to you or the stench of the cafeteria food.

But things you actually want to remember are the …

The Fun 5-step Guide to Learn French with Your Baby


My husband and I frequently daydream about raising our future children to be bilingual.

Specifically, we want to teach them French.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their child to speak French? Imagine how adorable it would be to walk …

Time Flies… but You’re the Pilot: How to Learn French Speaking Fast


Is it just too good to be true?

Maybe you’ve seen those ads promising to get you fluent in a week or even days.

A few clicks, two easy payments of $99.95 and one week later, you find your French …

Wondering How to Have a Good French Accent? 5 Tips to Follow


Let’s be honest.

Is there anything sexier than a French accent?

Not only will mastering the French accent get you loads of dates, it’s also an essential part of learning to speak French fluently.

That’s right, we’re not …

6 Smart Strategies for Learning French with the Bible


Did you know that the Bible is the most read book of all time?

Yes, yes, it’s even more popular than anything Balzac or Proust wrote!

So why not read it in French?

The source of a whole bunch

Beat Test Fright: Pass Your French Oral Exam with These 5 Fundamental Skills


You stare at the class syllabus in shock.

Sweat beads on your forehead. Your palms become moist. You start to shake.

You feel seasick, even though you’re on dry land.

You frantically flip through the weekly calendar on your smartphone’s …

Why You Should Learn French in Montreal, and Where to Do It


Time to celebrate!

What’s the occasion, you ask?

A better question might be, what isn’t the occasion?

The “city of festivals,” Montreal, is where the party never stops.

Not only does it continually bring people together in the name of