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Silly, Strange or Strategic: 5 Diverse French Card Games for Any Language Learner


Need a break from the screens?

Sometimes after a long Netflix binge or vanquishing a video game, it’s nice to have a little fun the old fashioned way.

And it doesn’t get more old fashioned than card games—did you …

From Tutorials to Real-world Learning: 21 French Video Tools


What’s France’s greatest contribution to society?

Is it their exquisite art?

Their world-famous cuisine?

While there are many possible answers, there’s no question that one of the most influential French creations has been film.

Several of the …

We Need to Talk: 3 Steps for Beginners to Learn Spoken French


Do you know what true fear feels like?

The scariest moment for any beginning language learner is having to actually speak out loud.

You might feel like you’re at the Miss Universe Pageant and have 30 seconds to explain …

Flex Your French! 6 Translation Exercises for a Language Workout


What if there was a way you could turn your passion for French into cold hard cash?

I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true!

And not only that, but you’ll also put your French into overdrive by doing …

Learn French with Edith Piaf for Valuable Language and Culture Insight


Cobblestone streets.

Flowers in bloom.

The scent of fresh baguette wafting out from the boulangerie (bakery)

“La vie en rose” playing dreamily in the background.

Who among us hasn’t envisioned Paris in this way?

Fortunately, you can have a piece …

Not Your French Prof’s Dictionary: 9 French Slang Dictionaries to Talk Like a Native


Today, we’re keeping it casual.

We’re not going to get uptight. We’re not going to get bent out of shape. We’re just going to simmer down, hang loose and chill out.

We might even chillax—you never know.

Want the …

Never Run Out of French MOOC Courses with These 5 Sites


Everyone likes to feel fancy now and then.

Picture yourself sipping champagne out of a crystal flute, or humming down the freeway in a brand new Jaguar.

Feels nice, right?

But there’s a thing about the finer things—they’re expensive.

With …