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French Lessons for Beginners: 5 Fantastic Ways to Start Studying French

french lessons for beginners

Starting French lessons as a beginner can be a lot like dishing out that first slice of pie.

You want it to be picture-perfect.

You slice precisely. You carefully lift your pâtisserie (baking) masterpiece from the pie dish.

…and then, …

Learn French for Free Online: 13 Must-try Activities and Resources

learn french for free online

A good friend of mine often says, “Nothing’s ever free.”

He usually says this when I’m trying to use all my reward points to get a free vacation. Or when I try to negotiate at the thrift store to pay …

10 French Love Songs for the Lovelorn, Romantic and Dramatic

french love songs

Love comes in many forms.

Requited, unrequited, painful, familiar.

Ill-advised, scandalous, messy.

There’s even the kind of love that causes you to make impractical and questionable life choices.

Songs in French are great for all those moods.

The truth is, …

10 Fabulous French Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

french festival

Imagine strolling down a street in Paris or on an avenue alongside the French Riviera.

The sun is shining and you’re surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of smiling faces. Excitement pulses through the air. You hear laughter and happy …

The Top French Level Tests in 2020 for Students, Teachers, Translators and Visa Seekers

french level test

What if I told you that your French could make you money, get you into a great university or even allow you to live and work in another country?

You might think I’m crazy, but your French is valuable

How to Learn French and German at the Same Time: Tips, Resources and More



Hawaiian pizza.

The (in)famous British “crisp sandwich,” which, yes, is essentially potatoes between bread.

The idea of learning French and German together might incite reactions similar to those provoked by the above food combinations.

For example, “Why …

Listen to French: 5 Beginner-friendly Audio Resources for Learners

listen to french for beginners

It can be so frustrating to study French for a long time but still be lost when listening to it.

You might know endless vocabulary words and have your grammar perfected, but spoken French still just sounds like gibberish.…