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5 Ways to Learn French with the Stunning Edith Piaf


Cobblestone streets.

Flowers in bloom.

The scent of fresh baguette wafting out from the boulangerie (bakery)

“La vie en rose” playing dreamily in the background.

Who among us hasn’t envisioned Paris in this way?

Fortunately, you can have a piece …

9 Handy, Up-to-date French Slang Dictionaries


Today, we’re keeping it casual.

We’re not going to get uptight. We’re not going to get bent out of shape. We’re just going to simmer down, hang loose and chill out.

We might even chillax—you never know.

Want the …

Never Run Out of French MOOC Courses with These 5 Sites


Everyone likes to feel fancy now and then.

Picture yourself sipping champagne out of a crystal flute, or humming down the freeway in a brand new Jaguar.

Feels nice, right?

But there’s a thing about the finer things—they’re expensive.

With …

Sing it! Learn French with 7 Sublime Songs


Your kindergarten teacher used one to teach you the alphabet.

Fräulein Maria used one to teach the von Trapp children musical notes.

Schoolhouse Rock used one to show kids how a bill becomes a law.

Chemistry students …

Literature + Language Skills: 9 Classic Short Stories for French Learners


Come for the free-flowing wine and crunchy baguettes with cheese.

Stay for the captivating classic literature.

If you’re like most French learners, your love of the language is partly due to the enticing French lifestyle and culture.

But …

Start Your Keyboards: 5 Resources for French Typing Practice


Welcome to the Typosaur Zoo at the FluentU Institute of Modern Communications!

We’re proud to feature one of the most extensive keyboard collections in the world.

One of you had a question?—Yes, you read the sign correctly: Please Do Touch

How to Learn Authentic French on YouTube: 6 Diverse Resources for All Levels


Do you have a spice in your cabinet that you use all the time?

Or a tool in your toolbox that makes any job easier?

How about a French learning resource you can always count on?

I know I’ve got …