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Looking for a Fun Way to Learn French? These 8 Absorbing French Movies Are Your Ticket


Is your couch comfortable?

I hope it is.

From now on, your couch is your French classroom.

In the best way possible.

We’re going to show you how to supercharge your French practice while sipping tea and nibbling on some …

J'adore les verbes français: 11 Websites for French Conjugation Exercises


It’s time to fall in love all over again.

If you’re at odds with French due to verbs, we’re here to help.

Let’s add some spark and playfulness back into the romance!

But first, let’s talk about why the relationship …

Search High and Low No More! 6 French Word Search Games Are Here


You’ve searched everywhere for a fun way to build your French vocabulary.

And now the search has taken you to your local bookstore.

While perusing the foreign language section, you see a selection of French word game books.

Your …

7 Funny French Videos for Side-splitting French Learning


Already spending most of your spare time trolling YouTube?

We feel you.

So use your downtime to give your French funny bone a workout!

They say the best way to understand another culture is to understand its humor—and these …

5 French Pronunciation Apps to Download Tout de Suite


French is a hard language to pronounce.

A word like haut (high/tall) has four letters, but it’s pronounced as a single vowel.

The words avait, avaient and avais (conjugations of the verb avoir, which means “to have”) …

InstaFrench: How to Learn French with Instagram Every Single Day


The addictive pull of social media is growing stronger.

You can’t stop scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed.

The latest Instagram stories.

Your friends’ oh-so-entertaining (or oh-so-pointless) Snapstories.

Meanwhile, you’ve got a paper to finish, a deadline coming up at work, …

Get Lost in These 6 Captivating French Movies with Subtitles


Seen it.

Too long.

Don’t like that actor.

Just not feeling it.

Ever spent a night clicking through Netflix without ever actually finding something to watch?

We’ll put your aimless searching to an end. We’ve collected six highly regarded (but