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10 Page-turning Parallel Texts to Improve Your French Reading Skills


I have a confession.

I’ve never read a French book cover-to-cover.

Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest!

Reading a full French book has always felt like too much work. Any book I’d find interesting would have …

Disney En Français! 7 French Disney Songs with Lessons in the Lyrics


“If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”

Many lessons come from our beloved Disney songs, like Pocahontas’s “Colors of the Wind,” which teaches us to embrace other cultures.

Chances are …

3 Incredible French Chatbots for Practicing, Studying or Just Gabbing


So, this seems like a pretty normal conversation, right?

Bonjour. (Hello)

Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? (Hello! How are you?)

Je vais bien, merci. (I’m well, thanks.)

But it is not.

What if I told you that conversation was not between two

100+ French Sports Vocabulary Words for Cheering Along Like a Native

french sports vocabulary

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd!

For some of us, there’s no greater thrill than sitting in the stands under the sun and watching team rivals face off on the field or in …

Where to Download French Learning Videos for Any Language Skill

download french learning videos

You could learn French alone on a desert island if you had to.

We hope you don’t have to, but you could.

You don’t need Wi-Fi.

You don’t need a strict schedule of language classes.

All you need are quality

7 French E-books to Mix and Match for Maximum Learning


Instant definitions for new words.

Free digital versions of classic novels.

Great resources for all learning styles.

We love the feel of a good book in our hands

But we also love the convenience and variety that learning with

French TV Live Streaming Online: Everything You Need to Know


There’s an immense well of French video content that’s often overlooked.

Not your standard funny internet videos—luckily, just about everyone knows about those.

Not music videos—while these are great, they’re not on the agenda today.

Not even your