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Do You Know How to Count in French? Learn Now with This Beginner’s Guide!

how to count in french

They’re all over the news.

You can’t go shopping without them.

And they’re even in your phone.

What are they?


Even though it can feel strange to learn something that’s so simple in English, you’ve gotta learn your …

Eat That Elephant! The Easiest Way to Learn French in Manageable Bites

easiest way to learn french

What does learning French have in common with elephants and bicycles?

First, learning a new language is a bit like attempting to eat an elephant.

You’ve heard this metaphor before (I promise, elephant lovers, we’re not condoning actually eating …

How to Master the French Alphabet with 5 Seriously Useful Tips

french alphabet

What do names, email addresses and street names have in common?

You often need to spell them aloud to others.

Such is the case in French, too.

So can you do it? Can you spell all three in French right …

The 10 Best French Movies for Beginners

french movies for beginners

The day has come.

It’s time to even the playing field.

Why should native speakers or advanced learners have all the fun?

No longer will entertaining, genius French creations only be enjoyed by the fluent.

Here’s why: Beginners can

The Essential Guide to the French Conditional Tense

french conditional tense

If you had a bright bundle of balloons on a perfect summer’s day, would your smile be as big as hers?

I know mine would.

If I asked you to, could you ask that same opening question in French, …

5 Swift Ways to Climb to Intermediate French Conversation

5 swift ways to climb to intermediate french conversation

You’re at the movies, and you’ve just seen a French film that you have to talk about.

You jump out of the theater, excited to share your thoughts and discuss the plot.

But you feel nervous—you’ve never moved past beginner

Why Learn French? 5 Reasons It’s an Even Better Idea Than You Thought

why learn french 5 reasons

In some circles, the French language is considered a frivolous pursuit.

“Sure, it’s all right as a hobby, but what are you going to do with it? Read Molière while sipping red wine in your parents’ basement, where you’ll live …