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French for Beginners: The Best Online and Offline Resources to Jump-start Your French Learning Journey

french for beginners

So that’s it. You’ve been seduced by the beauty of French.

You’ve seen amazing films. You’ve appreciated epic literature.

And now, naturally, you want to speak French!

I’m thrilled you’ve made the decision—you won’t regret it!

But …

What Languages Are Spoken in Belgium? 3 Official Tongues and Lots of Linguistic Diversity

language spoken in belgium

The mountainous cathedrals and low, gray skies of Jacques Brel’s beloved plat pays (flat country).

The lure of artisan pralines belges (Belgian chocolates).

The artistic treasures of René Magritte, Peter Paul Rubens and Ambrosius Bosschaert.

Those tantalizing, twice-fried frites (fried …

Comment t’appelles-tu ? : The Complete Guide to Introduce Yourself in French



I need your opinion.

What’s the most important first step when learning French?

Is it mastering essential daily French phrases? Is it memorizing travel vocabulary?

And what did you say your name was again?

What do …

A Worldwide Education: The Unexpected Journey of How I Learned French


Would you believe it if I told you that learning French landed me a job at Paris’ fashion museum?

Or that it led me to meet my husband?

And to live in an apartment that overlooked the River Seine and …

Growing an Active Vocabulary: How Many Words in the French Language Do I Need to Know?


Dix (ten), cent (one hundred), mille (one thousand), dix milles (ten thousand)?

No, no, no, French learner, I am not teaching you how to count by intervals in French!

Instead, I am asking you: How many words do you

Like, Quoi? How to Learn French Through English


Can you understand this sentence?

Then you’ve got a secret weapon for learning French.


These two languages have been intertwined for centuries, creating lots of overlap that language learners can use to their advantage.

But they’re not …

3 Freeing Keys to Successfully Learn French Through Immersion


Imagine walking down the cobblestone streets of Paris, the Eiffel Tower standing loftily in the distance.

You pause for a moment to buy a croissant from the corner boulangerie (bakery) before continuing your stroll along the river Seine.

As you …