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How to Ask French Inversion Questions (Any Tense or Context)

french inversion questions

Sometimes, you just have to look at things a bit differently. 

Check out a problem sideways.

Turn your room upside-down.

Invert your questions.

Okay, maybe that last one is just a French thing.

French inversion questions are an important type …

4 Creative Steps to Quickly Relearn the French You Forgot


It just figures.

There are some parts of high school you just can’t forget.

Like that jerk who had a locker next to you or the stench of the cafeteria food.

But things you actually want to remember are the …

Mais Oui! 15 Popular French Phrases for Fresh Learning


A common tale of woe exists among language learners.

Maybe you’ve already heard this one.

Or even experienced it yourself!

It starts when you decide to learn a language because you want to travel to a particular country, like France.…

Get Lost in These 6 Captivating French Movies with Subtitles


Seen it.

Too long.

Don’t like that actor.

Just not feeling it.

Ever spent a night clicking through Netflix without ever actually finding something to watch?

We’ll put your aimless searching to an end. We’ve collected six highly regarded (but

Your Cheat Sheet to 5 Top French Learning Programs in Paris


There’s an allure to Paris that needs no introduction.

You might already spend every night dreaming of picnics and wine along the Seine.

If you wake up craving a fresh baguette and espresso, then you know what I’m talking about.…