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How to Ask French Inversion Questions (Any Tense or Context)

french inversion questions

Sometimes, you just have to look at things a bit differently. 

Check out a problem sideways.

Turn your room upside-down.

Invert your questions.

Okay, maybe that last one is just a French thing.

French inversion questions are an important type …

4 Creative Steps to Quickly Relearn the French You Forgot


It just figures.

There are some parts of high school you just can’t forget.

Like that jerk who had a locker next to you or the stench of the cafeteria food.

But things you actually want to remember are the …

Mais Oui! 15 Popular French Phrases for Fresh Learning


A common tale of woe exists among language learners.

Maybe you’ve already heard this one.

Or even experienced it yourself!

It starts when you decide to learn a language because you want to travel to a particular country, like France.…