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The Franglais Controversy: The English Words Used in French and When It’s Okay to Use Them


Warning: This is not your parents’ French!

No, what we’re dealing with today is an altogether different, highly-evolved, complex creature.

Maybe your teachers haven’t told you, but recent French borrows lots of English words.

And this notable phenomenon isn’t just …

Doing Anything This Summer? How About French Summer School?


Ah, summer.

That magical time of year when some of us may be lucky enough to have a break from our usual routine.

But what to do with that time?

There’s internships, volunteering, lazing around at the beach, you name …

The Coolest Way to Practice Writing in French: Creating Your Own Short Stories

french writing practice

Enjoy writing?

Enjoy learning French?

If so, why not do both?

After all, correct writing is essential to fluency.

Even if creative writing isn’t quite your thing in English, picking it up as a hobby in French will help …

Do You Know How to Count in French? Learn Now with This Beginner’s Guide!

how to count in french

They’re all over the news.

You can’t go shopping without them.

And they’re even in your phone.

What are they?


Even though it can feel strange to learn something that’s so simple in English, you’ve gotta learn your …

Learn Conversational French: 3 Savvy Steps to Speaking Stardom

learn conversational french

Remember starting math in middle school?

You’d spent years learning basic math with numbers, and how did your teachers reward you?

By introducing letters into the process, right? Talk about a buzzkill!

There might come a time when you …

Why the TCF Is the French Test You’ve Been Looking For (and How to Prepare for It)

tcf test

Language learners tend to miscalculate their skill level.

I thought my French was much better than it really was…before I went to France for the first time.

Even after several years of study, I could barely keep up with

Recipe for Recall: How to Pick Up a Ton of French Cooking Vocabulary in the Kitchen

french cooking vocabulary

Lacking the necessary motivation to dive into your next flashcard session?

Looking for extra incentive to learn French vocabulary?

It could be that you just need to connect with the culture.

And there may be no better way …