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How to Learn French Speaking Fast: The No-fuss Guide to Top Online Tools and Techniques


Will I ever really know how to learn French speaking fast…

Or is it just too good to be true?

Maybe you’ve seen those ads promising to get you fluent in a week or even days.

A few clicks, two …

Learn French in a Flash: How to Take Advantage of the 7 Best French Flashcard Apps

french flashcards app

Roll over, Beethoven!

Man has a new best friend: The smartphone.

And why not? In just the past decade, smartphones have given us apps that can do all sorts of neat things like conveniently pay our bills, send silly …

14 Wise Tips for Learning French by Doing as the Romans Do

tips for learning french

Ok… so you’re here to learn French, right?

Then why on Earth would we be talking about the Romans?

Well, besides making tremendous strides in architecture, warfare and public welfare, the Romans also had a thriving system of education!…

Bridging the Gap: Transitioning into Intermediate French Courses

bridging the gap transitioning into intermediate french courses

Are you stuck trying to move beyond beginning French?

Lots of French learners note how easy it is to get off the ground initially.

But then they learn how hard it is to advance beyond the basics.

Perhaps you’ve finished …

Flipping the Switch: 3 Tips for Improving Your French Accent

3 tips for improving your french accent

The French are notorious for rebuffing new French learners.

You start speaking their language, and they respond to you in English.

I call this phenomenon the Switch.

Even Mark Twain experienced the Switch.

After traveling abroad, he brilliantly summarized …