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The Results Are In! The 3 Best Online French Grammar Checkers


You’ve put a lot of sweat and tears into your French…

…but maybe you still flub your grammar sometimes.

Hey, that’s okay.

We all make mistakes.

The good news is, French grammar checkers can rescue you from at least some …

From Blankies to Teddies: 38 Wee Words for Talking French Baby Talk

french baby talk

Chances are, you’ve been focusing your learning activities to prepare you for communication with grown-up French folks.

That’s lovely and all, but it also means you’re missing out on one of the greatest, cutest demographics of Francophones.

And, you’re …

3 Classic French Songs About Love, Loss and Friendship by the Beloved Georges Brassens

classic french songs

No matter the particulars of our heated discussions, the go-to expert solution proposed by one of my closest French friends is invariably: “Mais tu sais ce que Brassens a dit sur ça ?” (But you know what Brassens said about …

Traveling to South West France? 44 Local French Slang Expressions You Need to Know

french slang expressions

Heading to Toulouse or anywhere else in the Southwest of France?

Well, then you don’t want sound like a Parigot—Southerners’ slang word for a Parisian.

Sure, they understand the “standard” dialect of French, but that doesn’t mean …

How to Set Up Your Private French Lessons Online

private french lessons

I learned French the hard way: before the modern Internet.

But you, dear learner, are in an age of NetflixFluentU and Skype.

If you wanted to, you could pull out your smartphone right now, call a random …

4 Elements of Occitan That You’ll Spot Everywhere in Modern French


Are you a word nerd?

We’re about to find out.

There’s a whole side of French you may have never known existed.

True word nerds love delving into the origins of their new French vocabulary words just for their own …